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Course Main Page

This is the main page as you go into an empty course shell.

On the left, there are navigation menus for you to go to different parts and functions of the course.
In the middle are the content blocks. You can organize them by topic, or week. Within each topic/week, you can have course content, resources, activities, etc.
On the right, there are a few floating boxes. These are alerts for new events, messages, etc.

A few ways to make the main page look differently:

From a student's perspective, they can see a list of their courses on the left bottom of the navigation menu. You can see the student view if you click on "Switch role to" and select Student. You'll need to click back to Switch to normal role for your teacher view.


When the editing is turned on, as a teacher you can see all the different tools you can use to change and add content and tools in your course.

Editing mode in course main page

For any existing item, you will see this list of editing functions. You can move the items to the left or right, up or down, edit, delete, hide it, or apply groups to it.

Editing controls



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Last Updated: 1/27/16