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In order to create a quiz, you first need to create or import quiz questions.

Go to Questions from Administration

Admin menu

If you want to have a lot of quizzes for different topics/chapters, it would be better to create some corresponding Categories and put questions into them. Then you would create a new question. See the list of questions types. Note that if you want the questions to be automatically grades, the types you can use include Calculated, Matching, Multiple Choice, Numerical, Random Short-Answer Matching, and True/False.


After you've created your questions, you can add them into a quiz. Create a quiz by adding it from Add an activity within a content block.

Add activity

Create a new quiz by entering required information.

new quiz

When you go back to the quiz, you will see a screen with different tabs to control the quiz. Click on Edit. You will see the questions you created on the right. You can select (some of) them, and add them to the quiz. Then you can further edit the quiz setting like points for each question and the total, etc.

edit quiz



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Last Updated: 1/27/16