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Online Education Courses are delivered through any one or a combination of the following media:


Catalyst (Moodle)
Catalyst is De Anza's online learning management system developed based on Moodle. Traditional web enhanced, hybrid and online education courses are hosted through the live server. The FAQ on the site answers the most common Catalyst Question, "How do I login to my Catalyst class," along with many other questions about online classes.
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Course video streams are available via the Catalyst website. Follow the instructions on that site to log in and view your course video streams.

In order to watch video streams online you need to download the free Quicktime Player software and test your computer. If you have trouble viewing the streams, go to the Catalyst Technical Help Support pageand follow the directions there.


To access videostreams, a high speed Internet connection is needed. If you are connecting from home, this generally means a cable modem or DSL connection. The quality of the videostream can be affected by Internet congestion on the De Anza Campus or network congestion with your Internet service provider.


Video Check out

Some course DVDs (if the instructor requested) can be checked out with your student ID from the Library West Computer Lab.


Mixed Media Courses use a variety of instructional materials: video, online content and assignments, printed materials.


Online Education
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