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Module 2: Password and Profile

What is my password?
  • Birthday (in form YYYYMMDD) if new to Catalyst OR your current Catalyst password (if you already used Catalyst this year)
  • If that fails, request account details via email
  • Check your spam, junk, and trash if the email with the details doesn't arrive soon
  • If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, request a password reset through the Technical Help Desk
I want to choose a new Catalyst password
  • To change your password, log into Catalyst
  • In the Administration block in the left column, click the My Profile Settings link
  • Click the Change Password link
  • Complete the form, entering your existing password in the top field and the one you'd like in the next two fields, then click Save Changes
What is a Catalyst profile?

Your Profile in Catalyst has information about you, some of which classmates can see, such as a small photo. The advanced setings allow you to share additional information and decide whether you will automatically receive e-mails when you post to discussion forums. Be sure to keep your email address current to receive class announcements.

I want to update my profile
  1. Log into Catalyst
  2. Enter one of your classes by clicking on the name
  3. Click the My Profile Settings link in the Administration block in the left column
  4. Click the Edit profile link
  5. Make changes to your profile, including updating your email address and uploading a 100x100 pixel jpg picture. (Don't change your name or the instructor won't be able to assign you a grade; shrink and crop a photo to 100x100 pixels at
  6. Click the Update Profile button at the page bottom to save changes

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