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 Online Orientation for BIOL-D010.-65Z with Eric Pane 
Many De Anza Online Education classes use web delivered content, quizzes and communication. If the course is not totally online or online education, it is considered to be a "hybrid" class. These classes that combine many technologies are becoming increasingly common. Check in your course syllabus to see what technologies are required for your online education course.
Below are recommended for Catalyst usage:

Supported Operating Systems:
Catalyst is built in the Moodle platform, which requires you to use Windows XP or newer, Mac OS 10.6 or newer, or Linux (with a window manager that supports the Firefox browser).
Please note that older versions of Windows may be less secure than newer ones, due to older encryption technology used. It is recommended that your computer have at least 2 GB of RAM for optimal performance.

Supported Web Browsers:
The Firefox Web Browser is recommended for both platforms.
Please note that some users have reported problems with Internet Explorer, and both Opera and Safari may not show some features.

Cookies and Pop-ups:
To use the Catalyst system, please enable cookies for your browser and allow pop-ups for the Catalyst site.
Failing to enable cookies and pop-ups will result in problems logging in and using additional features of the site.

Mobile Devices:
While some course information and activities may work on a mobile device, we recommend the use of a full web browser on a desktop or laptop machine.

* If you computer does not meet the requirements above, you may still be able to access your course. This list represents the recommended minimum specifications. Computers which do not meet the above specifications may find access to their course unacceptably slow.

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