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Online Orientation for WMST-D008.-64Z
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Instructor Tamika Brown
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Welcome the Women of Color in the U.S.A. course! This course is a reflective and informative look at the plight of women in the United States. Students will be asked to engage in reflective journey in the historical and present issues facing women in a race conscious society. This course is designed to challenge and educate both men and women. The course will consist of in depth on-line discussions, film clips, text readings, interview essay, and exams. You will need to have access to the internet specifically, and the required textbook. This course is 100% online.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions and/or concerns. Thank you!

Class Participation

Students must participate in all interactive aspects of the course. For example, students must communicate with other students by actively participating in threaded online discussions. Students must also check the course board frequently for announcements.


Always include a subject line and use only basic fonts. Do not send large attachments (>200 KB) without permission.

Online Discussions

Introduce yourself to the other learners. Be polite and choose your words carefully. Do not use derogatory language. Be concise in responding to others. Be constructive in your comments. Review the discussion threads thoroughly before entering your remarks. Try to maintain threads by using the "reply" button rather than starting a new topic.

Course Description: The course will explore the historical and present day issues from women in the U.S. inclusive of but not limited to key topics such as family, work, health, body image, and violence. We will examine the impact of racism, sexism, and classism on African American, Asian American, Latina/Hispanic, Native and White American women in the U.S. Using an interdisciplinary approach we will also investigate their shared experiences as well as their differences.

Course Objectives - Students will be able to:

  • Knowledge: Key historical event shaping the present situation of women of color in the U.S., role of power and privilege; key theoretical concepts of gender, race, and class are conditions of experience that affect every person as well as the relationships among one another;
  • Communication: Articulate the difference between understanding and agreement; demonstrate awareness of assumptions, beliefs, values, and behaviors with regard to race, class, gender, and ethnicity;
  • Social functioning: Understand and respect different viewpoints and behaviors; recognize how we alternately behave as oppressors and as targets; how to be an ally to individuals that experience oppression; learn strategies to heal from various oppressions;
  • Attitudes and Values: Understand and take pride in the multiple identities within ourselves and in the larger society recognize the socializing forces of culture and oppression in shaping our frames of reference; recognize how our frames of reference impact our perceptions; recognize that our perceptions have real consequences for self and others.
Required Text: Women's Voices, Feminist Visions, Susan Shaw & Janet Lee, 2004, Second edition (ISBN: 0-07-282242-2)

Hours of Study
Be prepared to spend a minimum of hours per week using and studying the course materials.
How to get started in your course
  • Apply for admission to De Anza College and register for this class, if you have not already done so. Completing this orientation DOES NOT enroll you in the course.
  • Attend the on-campus first class meeting, OR complete the Online Orientation and submit the Student Information Form.
  • Read the complete course syllabus. Go to and select "Online Syllabi".
  • Consult the course calendar in the syllabus and complete your assignments for weeks 1 and 2.
  • This course is offered in Catalyst. Go to Bookmark this page, then follow the instructions logging into the class.. NOTE: You will not be able to login to Catalyst until the first day of the quarter. For late adds, it will take up to one day after you register for your account to be created.

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