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Online Orientation for HTEC-D050.-63Z
(It is highly recommended that you print out this page for future reference.)
Instructor Contact Information
Instructor Patricia Hassel
Office Hours From April 4-June 24: Phone Message Only - (24 hrs/day)
Office Location S-74f
Office Phone (408) 864-8999 x3890 FAX: (408) 864-5444
A Message from your Instructor

Welcome to Introduction to Health Technologies, a course designed for all students who plan to complete one of our twelve Health Technology programs. Allow me to introduce myself - Pat Hassel, instructor for this course. I have been a full- time faculty member of the Biology/Health Sciences Division of De Anza College since 1969 and program coordinator of the Health Technologies Department since 1984. I was an operating room nurse, cardiology and pulmonary staff nurse and pediatric advice nurse prior to and during my teaching tenure. And I squeezed in one more wonderful job: I was a travel study program coordinator for a local nursing magazine, traveling and teaching continuing education courses on cruise ships to Alaska, the Caribbean, Greece, and Hawaii, in addition to teaching in China, Australia, and New Zealand, and Europe. So, now you know where all my stories and examples will come from!

You can reach me by leaving a message on my voice-mail or e-mail and I will respond within 24 hours.

This course has three main objectives: discussion of advantages and disadvantages of working in health careers, reviewing the specifics of the Health Technology courses, costs, schedules, and career opportunities, and discussion of human behavior as it pertains to patients.

The first class will consist of an Information Meeting reviewing the 32-page Health Tech Information Packet. These packets are available at the Distance Learning Center, LC-107, during the first week of the quarter. The remaining teleclasses will consist of reviewing career opportunities, program specifics and answers to the review and self-checks at the conclusion of each unit in the textbook, Understanding Human Behavior.

There will be eight live teleclasses this quarter, plus a required assignment to interview an HTEC professional of your choice who is working in your chosen field. More information is given in the syllabus and will be given in the live teleclasses.

Your homework consists of four assignments and three take-home exams, all of which will be included in a packet you must pick up at the Distance Learning Center, LC-107, during the first week of the quarter.

This quarter you will have the option of viewing the teleclasses on your home computer via videostreaming. The following gives you information on the hardware and software required in order to access this feature. Please see the syllabus for directions on logging into Catalyst, De Anza's online course management system, for viewing the videostreamed lessons.

A high speed Internet connection is needed to view the videostreams. If you are connecting from home, this means a cable modem or DSL.

Please note on the "Webcasts and Videostreams" page, there is a link toward the top of the page to the RealPlayer download. If you do not have RealPlayer installed on your computer, selecting this link will take you to the RealPlayer web page where you can download the software. There are also links to the Real website with system requirements and a "Test Video Clip" to try once you have downloaded the software.

The quality of the videostream can be affected by Internet congestion on the De Anza Campus or network congestion with your Internet service provider.

Note: Videostreaming gives you as a Distance Learning student a unique opportunity to review previous lessons while the course is in progress. Whereas you can only view Lesson 1 during the first week of classes, the following week you will be able to access Lessons 1 and 2 and so on throughout the quarter.

Because this is a live class, the videostream of that Monday's class will be available on the following day, i.e., Tuesday of each week that a live class is held.

Hours of Study
Be prepared to spend a minimum of 4-6 hours per week using and studying the course materials.
Course Meetings
Meetings for HTEC-D050.-63Z with Patricia Hassel
Date Start End Room Meeting For
01/11/2013 05:00 PM 06:00 PM S-74 Orientation
01/14/2013 02:00 PM 03:30 PM MLC-255 Meeting
01/28/2013 02:00 PM 03:30 PM MLC-255 Meeting
02/04/2013 02:00 PM 03:30 PM MLC-255 Meeting
02/11/2013 02:00 PM 03:30 PM MLC-255 Meeting
02/25/2013 02:00 PM 03:30 PM MLC-255 Meeting
03/04/2013 02:00 PM 03:30 PM MLC-255 Meeting
03/11/2013 02:00 PM 03:30 PM MLC-255 Meeting
03/18/2013 02:00 PM 03:30 PM MLC-255 Meeting
Video programs for this course are shown weekly on cable TV in Silicon Valley. Below are channel listings by community.

Comcast Cable
Channel 27 Channel 75
Los Altos
Los Gatos
Mountain View
San José
Santa Clara
East Palo Alto
Menlo Park
Palo Alto
Stanford University
The channel numbers listed are subject to change. Consult your local cable guide for the most current information.

For problems or questions concerning the De Anza College cable TV broadcasts, please contact the Broadcast Media Center at 408-864-8300.

Check your syllabus for specific broadcast information or visit our Technology web page for general information on days and times.

Most courses with video content are also available via streaming media. Please check the course syllabus and/or instructions within the Catalyst shell for additional information on access to streaming media.


Webcasts and Videostreaming

The video lessons for this course are also available as videostreams. If you would like to access your video lessons from a computer you will need:

  • RealPlayer installed on the computer.
  • A high speed Internet connection.

To access the videostreams go to and follow the logon instructions on this page. You will not be able to logon until the first day of instruction.

If you do not already have RealPlayer you may download it for free. Some courses use Quicktime instead of RealPlayer. Instructions for downloading are in your Catalyst course.

Keep in mind that network congestion either at De Anza College or with your ISP can affect the smooth delivery of the videostream.

How to get started in your course
  • Apply for admission to De Anza College and register for this class, if you have not already done so. Completing this orientation DOES NOT enroll you in the course.
  • Either complete the online orientation and submit the Student Information Form (part of the online orientation) OR attend the orientation meeting. Students are strongly advised to attend the on-campus orientation to pick up the course syllabus, assignments, information packet, and other details about the course.
  • Read the complete course syllabus available at Select "Online Syllabi".
  • Obtain the required textbook from the Bookstore.
  • Determine your video program viewing schedule.
  • Consult the Course Calendar in the syllabus and start your Weeks 1 and 2 readings and assignments.

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