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Online Orientation for HIST-D017A-64Z
(It is highly recommended that you print out this page for future reference.)
Instructor Contact Information
Instructor David Howard-Pitney
Office Hours In Summer, by Appointment only. Call or email me to arrange an on-campus meeting.
Office Location F21-q
Office Phone 408-864-8559
A Message from your Instructor
Hello Students, I wish you success in this course and will assist you in every reasonable way I can. Please get going on this course, right away!
Hours of Study
Be prepared to spend a minimum of 10 hours per week using and studying the course materials.
How to get started in your course
Hello Students!
To get started, please immediately read the course's official online syllabus available on the De Anza College Distance Learning Center web site That syllabus tells how to register for HistoryClass, the online program this class will be using, and your options for accessing Historyclass and for buying your books. Get access to HistoryClass and all required reading materials, asap. There is also an Assignment, under Point 1 below, to perform as a condition for fulfilling the Online Orientation requirement.
1) SELF-MOTIVATION & DISCIPLINE, keys to success in all college courses, are even more crucial in distance learning formats. Sadly, completion and success rates are lower on average in Distance Learning than in any other course format. If you tend to procrastinate in study or rely on contact with instructors or fellow students to motivate you to work, this course will most likely NOT work for you. See and take the Distance Learning Questionnaire "Are Distance Learning Courses for You? at on the College Distance Learning Center's web site. After you have taken this exercise, send me an email telling me your self-score, what you learned about yourself from the exercise, and how you will apply this self-knowledge to maximize your chances for success in our distance learning class.
2) TIME ON TASK: Plan to spend 10 or more hours per week reading, viewing and studying and reviewing course materials--every week of the Quarter. Really! Start serious study in this class right away; there is no time for taking a slow windup into the course.
3) EFFECTIVE STUDY METHODS: Just as important as putting in enough study time is using effective means.
Fortunately, HistoryClass's "Course Materials" offer a wealth of learning tools. The "Learning Curve" assignments are especially effective in preparing you for the quizzes and exams based on the textbook. The Online Study Guide's optional Self-Test feature also gives you the option of taking your own non-counting chapter quizzes to help you prepare for the counting ones. Learning Curve and Self-Tests are very valuable preparing you for the Multiple Choice Quizzes AND for the MC parts of each major Exam. For the Short Essay sections of the Exams, the Study Guide's Making Connections and Review Questions features are excellent preparation tools. The Chapter Outlines and Audio Reviews features are also good features to use before and after reading a text chapter. View the Sample Quiz and Exams Questions under HistoryClass's Week 1 Assignments to see the nature of the Quiz and Exam questions for which you must prepare.
Finally, CHECK EVERY WEEK THE DUE DATES OF THE WEEK'S ASSIGNMENTS on HistoryClass. Assignments are due at various times throughout a week, and many are due mid-week, not just at the end. Due dates, even for the same kinds of Assignments, vary week-to-week, so don't just rely on past practice or habits. Rather, read each week's assignment due dates ahead of time and plan and submit your work accordingly.

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