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De Anza College is committed to welcoming students with disabilities and veterans. Below are some recommendations and suggested syllabus language to address these students and help them succeed here. Don't hesitate to contact the Online Education Center with any questions or for more information.


In order to for us to help you better support disabled students in your classes, we would like you to do 2 things:

1. We strongly recommend that you incorporate the following paragraph, developed in consultation with campus disability services staff, into your syllabus:

"Note to students with disabilities: If you have a disability-related need for reasonable academic accommodations or services in this course, provide (name of Instructor) with a Test Accommodation Verification Form (also known as a TAV form) from Disability Support Services (DSS) or the Educational Diagnostic Center (EDC). Students are expected to give five days notice of the need for accommodations.   Students with disabilities can obtain a TAV form from their DSS counselor (864-8753 DSS main number) or EDC advisor (864-8839 EDC main number)."

2. One of the forms of accommodation is extended test time. If you receive an authorized TAV form from the student or an advisor, please read and consider the options for accommodation. Contact us if you need help setting up the options in Catalyst.

For courses that have online quizzes and exams in Catalyst, there are 2 ways for providing extended time.

  1. One is to assign that student the role of "Students who need special accommodation". This allows them unlimited time in a test. You can establish a verbal agreement with the student for them to time themselves to the appropriate extended time. You can then monitor their time in the activity reports.

  2. The other option is to set up a separate quiz with a password which you will only send to the intended student. This method can be time consuming and potentially confusing for the student.

If you use a third party online application (publisher site, etc.), then the recommended option is to have a print version of the exam proctored by DSPS.


Veterans may not identify themselves to you as veterans and may have no special issues in taking classes at De Anza. But some can have issues with the environment, processes, assignment content, calendar date, etc.; in other words, it won't always be obvious what might trigger feelings of anxiety or frustration. And effects can include trouble concentrating and remembering, among others. Here is a paragraph you may add to your syllabus to welcome these students and let them know you are committed to their success:

"Welcome home returning veterans! We are honored to have you on campus and look forward to your continued success here. For some returning veterans, going back to school can present unique challenges. If that is true for you, remember that you do not have to face these challenges on your own. We are here to help. Please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the curriculum, the assignments, or your academic program with me in person. Thank you for your service, and welcome home!"

[Sample welcoming text for syllabi from David M. Joseph, Ph.D. (Oakland Vet Center), as part of the Creating a Climate of Wellness for Returning Veterans, a project supported by the Zellerbach Family Foundation (ZFF), in partnership with the California Community College Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) and the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC), Feb. 2011.]


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