About the Program

The De Anza College Paralegal Studies Program was among the first paralegal studies programs to be initially approved by the State of California in 1970. Since then the program has continually provided a quality educational course of study that incorporates basic legal instruction along with practical training that graduates will need to successfully enter the work force. Graduates of the program are commonly found in private law offices, public agencies, and corporate law offices.

The De Anza College Paralegal Studies Program received approval from the American Bar Association (ABA) in 1991 and it was the first community college paralegal program to be so approved in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since the initial approval, the program has undergone normal re-approvals from the ABA on three separate occasions receiving complimentary statements about the quality of the program.

De Anza College offers both a certificate and a degree program to help individuals prepare for employment as paralegals. These programs offer courses in various types of law, relevant paralegal topics, legal writing and research, and civil litigation procedure. Both programs satisfy the educational requirements of California law.

Mission Statement: 

Students will be able to evaluate, critique and analyze legal and factual information related to critical thinking; Students will be able to synthesize and analyze such information effectively, both in writing and orally, related to communication and expression; Students will be able to compare and contrast the American and California legal systems, demonstrating how they are situated in the global environment related to global, cultural, social and environmental awareness; From diverse source materials, students will determine legally relevant facts related to information literacy; Students shall be able to assess whether given information is sufficient to evaluate a legal issue and utilize appropriate resources to obtain relevant needed information related to information literacy.

Paralegal Certificate and Degree Program

Certificate of Achievement-Advanced:

  • Paralegal Studies
    (Offered only to students who have an A.A./A.S. degree or higher.)

Associate Degree (A.A.):

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