The De Anza College Athletics Department offers 10 women's and 9 men's sports. For more information, visit the Athletics Department web site.

Physical Education

The Physical Education department offers activity classes in several different areas. To see the offerings under each area, click on the area name. Most sections meet 2 hours a week. There are some activities that are scheduled to meet 3 hours a week. These sections are designated with an X after the course number (i.e. P E 004 Strength Development is 2 hours a week, P E 004X is three hours a week). Intercollegiate classes are for Athletic teams in their competitive season. Techniques courses are for Athletics teams out of season, but are open to those students whose skill level is advanced. Dance courses are listed under the Creative Arts Division.

The Lifetime Wellness and Fitness Center

This facility is open to all students who have completed the prerequisite courses PE 70A and PE 71. The Center has machines for both aerobic and strength development, but no free weights (see Strength Development). Unlike other courses, the Fitness Center is open all day and several evenings. (See Lifetime Fitness Center for details.) Individuals not wishing to take the lab for College credit may still use the fitness center by purchasing a membership. Contact CJ Jones in the fitness center (408) 864-8594 for information or contact the Community Education department.

Aerobic Training and Conditioning

Aerobic Swimming, Deep Water Running, Aqua Exercise, Body Sculpting, Cardio Strength Training, Core Conditioning, Cross Training, Fit Camp, Indoor Cycling, Mat Pliates, Outdoor cycling,Power Walking, and Total Fitness. We also offer several courses in exercise to music including:Lo Impact, Hi-Lo Impact, Step Aerobics, and Cardio Kick.

Individual and Team Sports

  • Softball, Basketball, Badminton, Fencing, Golf, Indoor and Outdoor Soccer, Swimming,Tennis, and Volleyball,.
  • Martial Arts - Aikido, Karate, and Self Defense
  • Strength Development - We offer free weight and weight machine strength training.
  • Stretching and Relaxation - Tai Chi, Yoga, Stretching, and Stress Management

Lecture and Theory

These courses have little to no activity and do not completely fulfill Area E for General Education. Included are the courses for Athletic Training, Introduction to Physical Education/Kinesiology, Coaching, Health and Fitness, and Orientation to the Lifetime Fitness Center. (See Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Center.)

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