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Internships Information
(PE 54H-R)

Please refer to internship packet for complete information.

What are massage therapy internships?
Massage Internships are a required part of your Massage Certificate program. They are designed to reinforce the knowledge you've learned in the classroom through one of two types of internships, the TA internship or a hands-on internship.

What is a TA internship?
As a Teaching Assistant (TA), you will assist the instructor with correcting students’ body mechanics and assist with the massage strokes outlined in class by the instructor. You will also be required to submit a case study with SOAP notes (a professional documentation format for each massage session). You will be given more information on the specific requirements for this project when you sign up for the internship. You will not get credit for sitting in lecture unless you are assisting with an activity.

What are the hands-on internships?
Massage Internships are a required part of the massage certificate and degree programs. Hands-on internships give you the opportunity to reinforce the massage skills you’ve learned in class on a wide variety of body types and sizes. There are two different hands-on internships to choose from:

  • The Adaptive Physical Education (APE) internship – PE 54 H,J,K for 1,2,3 units respectively – provides you the opportunity for first hand experience with pathologies by performing massage on disabled and elderly students. This is the most popular internship.
  • The De Anza Sports Massage internship – PE 54 P,Q,R for 1,2,3 units respectively – enables you to perform various types of sports massage on the De Anza athletic teams in the Training Room. This internship allows you to work under the direct supervision of athletic trainers and coaches performing massage on athletes. You must be approved for this internship by the Sports Massage instructor at least one quarter before you register for the internship. If instructor is not available, talk with the Massage Program Coordinator.

What do I need to do before I can do an internship?

  • You must get a LiveScan done at the Security/Police office. Call 650-949-7925 for an appointment, or you can just go to the office. This may take 6 weeks to process, so plan ahead.
  • You must complete a Volunteer of Record (VOR) form, which you can get from the Program Assistant in PE 12L.
  • Bring the pink receipt for LiveScan and the completed VOR to the Program Assistant in PE12L.

NOTE: VOR – is valid for ONE (1) YEAR ONLY. You must redo each year. If more than a month lapses between the end date of old VOR and the new VOR, then you will need to also redo the LiveScan.

How do I know which internship to sign up for?
It depends on your Massage Program goal, but follow these guidelines:


Certificate Program

# Internship Units Required

Type of internship Required

Certificate of Achievement (516 hour Program)

One Unit

Can be either Hands-on or TA

Certificate of Proficiency

(876 hour Program)

Three Units

One unit Hands-On internship and two more units of your choice (hands-on or TA)

AA Degree

(1020 hour Program)

Four Units

One unit Hands-On internship and three units of your choice (hands-on or TA)


How many hours do I need to complete an internship?
Each unit of internship requires 3 hours of work per week, totaling 36 hours per unit/per quarter.  If you sign up for PE 54Q, a two-unit internship, you must complete 72 hours of work by the end of the quarter. For example, you can sign up for PE 54Q (2 units) ONLY if you will be involved in a hands-on internship in two class periods during the quarter, and are able to complete the 72 hours required that same quarter. Treat your internship like a job. Be professional, timely and reliable. Dress appropriately. The students, clients and instructors are depending upon your presence.

You will be keeping a log sheet showing all your hours and will submit this with all SOAP notes. It is best to keep a binder/folder containing your log sheet and SOAP notes. All hands-on internships require daily SOAP notes for all clients worked on and will be included with your log sheet at the end of the quarter. Plan your schedule to allow time for writing your SOAP notes.

How do I sign up for an internship?
Once you have been approved by the Massage Program Coordinator (Coleen Lee-Wheat) to participate in an Internship, contact the following individuals at least one quarter before you register to get information on times/shifts available for the specific internship you’d like to do. Once you’ve received the information, register for the number of internship units you plan to complete during that quarter. All internships are subject to the final approval of Coleen Lee-Wheat.

Refer to the internship packet for complete instructions.

Internship Type

Contact Person

Phone Number

Teacher's Assistant

The Instructor for the class you are interested in working as a TA for


Adaptive PE

Cindy Chu (


De Anza Training Room Shannon Bracy ( 408-864-8746

How will I get credit for all the hours that I work?
Once you register for an internship, you will need to go to Massage Program office and pick up all the materials you will need for your internship. In addition to signing an Internship Guidelines Form that will remain on file in massage program office, you will receive instructions for SOAP notes and Case Study requirements. Also included will be your Internship Log. You must bring the log with you to your internship every day and write down the date, description of work and hours worked for each day. Your supervisor will need to verify your hours EVERY DAY that you perform internship hours. Keep in mind that if your internship is a hands-on internship, you will need to submit SOAP notes for each of your clients to your supervisor BEFORE they can sign off on your hours.

I perform massages on friends and family members on a regular basis. How will I get credit for those hours?
You won't. All internship hours must be done under the direct supervision of the instructors mentioned above. No outside work counts.

Is there anything that I will need to provide for the internship?
Clean linens, lotion and face cradle covers will be your responsibility. Come prepared with pen, clipboard or book to write on and any reference books you may want to assist you with giving your client stretches or to assist you with your SOAP notes. One SOAP note is provided with your internship packet. You will need to make enough photocopies for the entire internship.

How is my grade determined for an internship?
See complete internship packet for more information.

When do I need to turn in my internship log and where do I turn it in?

  • ALL internship logs with accompanying SOAP Notes must be turned in to Massage Program Coordinator/PE Dean’s office NO LATER THAN 5:00 PM the Friday prior to the week of final exams. They will gladly be accepted earlier!
  • Make sure all hours/SOAPs have been recorded and signed off by your approved supervisor.
  • Make sure you add up your total hours worked.
  • Make a copy of EVERYTHING for yourself.

Massage Therapy Program

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