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James Nguyen

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Dominic Caserta  :: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1)photo of Dominic Caserta

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BS, Political Science, Santa Clara University
MA, Political Science, San Francisco State University

Dominic has been teaching since 1997.  His passion is civic engagement and making government serve more democratic ends from a procedural and substantive perspective.  For 8 years from 2002 to 2010, Dominic was an elected member of the Santa Clara City Council.  In his spare time, Dominic is an enthusiast of tennis, golf, and passionately rooting for the Golden State Warriors.

 Laura Chin :: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1)Laura Chin

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AA, Liberal Arts and Sciences, San Joaquin Delta College

BA, Political Science, California State University, Stanislaus

MPA, Public Administration, California State University, Stanislaus

 I hail from the Central Valley of California and currently live in the Bay Area. I absolutely love being a teacher. As a former community college student I relate to our students at De Anza College. My area of focus is on American Politics and California Politics. Currently, I serve on the Executive Committee for the Academic Senate as a representative for the Social Sciences and Humanities division. I hope to encourage my students to strive toward their dreams and goals. I enjoy avocado toast, driving my Honda, and long walks on the beach.

Photo of Elena Dorabji

Elena Dorabji :: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1), Comparative Politics (Poli 2)
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Ph.D, Comparative Politics, UC Berkeley

Elena Dorabji received her Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley when it was a hotbed of radicalism. Her major area of specialization was comparative politics with emphasis on Africa, especially South Africa. Her present areas of research and focus are the study of comparative political cultures, America's social values, especially as they affect women and children

Photo of Greg Druehl

Greg Druehl :: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1) Comparative Politics (Poli 2)  Office: TBA Hours: Call for appointment

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BA, Political Science, Stanford Univ.
MA, International Relations, SFSU.
Ed.D, Education, Univ. of San Francisco

After many years serving De Anza in a range of administrative posts, in 1999 Greg chose to become a full-time faculty member in political science. One of Greg's goals as a teacher is to impart to his students a love for learning and a desire to participate in the democratic process. "I look forward to coming to teach every day. There is a sense of community among many faculty members here that is empowering and rewarding...."

Photo of Scott Heffner

Scott Heffner :: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1)

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BA, Radio and TV News, SJSU
MA, Counseling and Psychology, Santa Clara Univ.
MA, Political Science, SJSU

Since 1993, I have been teaching in the Political Science Department at De Anza College and served as the Chair for three years. My first seventeen years (prior to the above) were spent teaching specialized classes and performing counseling services for senior citizens also within the Foothill-De Anza Community College District.

Photo of Jim NguyenJim Nguyen:: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1), Comparative Politics (Poli 2)International Relations (Poli 3), Social Movements (Poli 16)

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AA, Social Sciences, College of San Mateo
BA, Political Science, U.C. Berkeley
JD, Santa Clara University

Prior to teaching Political Science at De Anza, I have worked in legal aid organizations as an advocate and as a policy analyst for a local member of Congress. My areas of focus include American Politics, California Politics, and law and politics. I support internships and experiential learning as a way for students to work in the community, to gain experience and to enhance classroom learning. As a community college graduate myself, I am committed to student success and will do everything I can to help you reach your goals at De Anza and beyond. 

Photo of Robert Ovetz

Robert Ovetz :: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1) 

Office: L-13 Hours: Contact for current information
BA, Political Science, University of Texas-Austin 
MA , Sociology, University of Texas-Austin
Ph.D., Sociology, University of Texas-Austin
Robert Ovetz has a BA in Government, and a MA and Ph.D. in sociology (political) from the University of Texas-Austin. He also teaches at several community colleges and San Francisco State University and has taught in the graduate program at New College of California. Prior to teaching Robert worked in the Texas legislature, for non-government organization on debt, development, human rights and ocean conservation issues. As an ocean conservation advocate Robert successfully lobbied the United Nations to protect endangered marine species from industrial fishing. Robert’s writings have been published widely in the academic, mainstream and alternative media as well as by the United Nations. 

Photo of Francisco (Frankie) Preciado
Frankie Preciado :: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1); Comparative Politics (POLI 2)
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BA, Political Science & Chicana/o Studies, Stanford University
MA, Mexican American Studies, San Jose State University
JD, UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall)

As a first generation college graduate, Francisco understands the complexities and challenges in higher education attainment.  He is a Bay Area native who has been involved in local and state politics as a community organizer, nonprofit executive, and public policy professional.  His research interests include voting rights, minority disenfranchisement, and campaign finance.

Photo of Al SchendanAl Schendan, MA :: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1), Political Thought and Theory (Poli 5)
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(408) 382-9117

BA, Political Science, SFSU
MA, Political Science, SFSU

Albert Schendan recieved his MA in Political Science from SFSU, 2004. His major area of specialization is American government and political theory. He also has a strong interest in political ideology and comparative politics.

photo of Bob StockwellBob Stockwell, MA, Ph.D :: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1), Comparative Politics (Poli 2), International Relations (Poli 3), Political Thought and Theory (Poli 5),

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BA, Political Science, UC San Diego
MA , Political Science, New School For Social Research
Ph.D., Political Science, UC Irvine

I've been teaching at De Anza since 2004, and absolutely love it. De Anza students are fantastic -- intelligent, engaged, and committed! I feel very fortunate to work with such an amazing group of students. I teach courses in American Politics (Poli 1) every quarter, Comparative Politics (Poli 2) in fall and spring, and International Relations (Poli 3) in fall. I'm on sabbatical Fall 2013, Winter 2014, and Fall 2014, and am working on an internship program for the department.

Photo of Ishmael TarikhIshmael Tarikh :: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1), Comparative Politics (Poli 2) and Political Thought and Theory (Poli 5)
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BA, Political Science, UCLA
MA, Afro-American Studies, UCLA
JD, Univ. of CA, Hastings College of the Law

Ishmael Tarikh’s academic focus is on fundamental change and social justice. He is the sole proprietor of Tarikh Consulting Services. He has taught on the postsecondary level at Chico State University, Berkeley City College, Merritt College, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and San Jose State University.

Photo of Dave TullyDave Tully :: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1)
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(408) 864-8770

BA, Political Science, Westmont College
MA, American Govt., CSU Sacramento

I have taught at De Anza College since 1996. In addition, I worked briefly for both the District Attorney's Office and the U.S. Senate in the late 1980s and have also participated in American University's Foreign Policy Consortium program, an especial area of interest. Other areas of focus include the U.S. Constitution and the American Presidency. I am a third generation teacher and I drink my coffee black.

Photo of Nicky González Yuen

Nicky González Yuen :: American Govt. and Politics (Poli 1), Political Thought (Poli 5), Grassroots Dem: Race, Politics and the American Promise (Poli 15), Grassroots Dem: Social Movements Since the 1960s (Poli 16), Grassroots Democ: Leadership and Power (POLI 17)
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BA, Political Science, Carleton College
JD, Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley
Ph.D, Jurisprudence and Social Policy, UC Berkeley

I love being a teacher! My first job in this role is helping students succeed at De Anza and to reach their own goals in life. I do this in part by introducing them to an engaged and populist politics centered on issues that matter to them personally. I am also an active participant in local and state politics, serving as an elected official in the East Bay since 2004. My main areas of scholarship are social movements and grassroots organizing, civil rights, and environmental politics.



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