RENEW Re-entry Services

The purpose of the RENEW Re-entry Services is to reduce obstacles that can prevent non-traditional students from returning to school, or accomplishing their educational goals. You are considered a non-traditional student, and eligible for RENEW, if you are at least 25 years old, or you are a student who has had a significant break in his or her education, a student who is married or divorced or a student who is a single parent.

We assist in the application, orientation and registration processes, and provide ongoing support and services. RENEW students may be first-time or continuing students and attend classes either full or part-time. Non-traditional students may return to school to take courses to upgrade skills, make career changes, earn a certificate or degree, transfer to a university, or just for personal interest.

Services include academic advising, express registration, career and personal counseling, financial aid and scholarship assistance, workshops, chat rooms, campus tours, friendship and encouragement. RENEW is the only service on campus that specializes in addressing the needs and concerns of non-traditional students who are making the transition back to school. RENEW your educational goals!

Download your RENEW application Adobe PDF icon now.

For more information about the RENEW program and application process, please visit Renee McGinley's faculty Web site.

Location: Registration & Student Services Building, Room 207
Telephone: (408) 864-5865
FAX: (408) 864-5450


Last Updated: 9/21/16