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Scheduling Office

  1. Division deans/schedulers should know how to use the various scheduling technological systems--SIS, Banner, Footnote system, etc. 

    [Means of assessment -- the number of phone calls/e-mails/visits the Scheduling Office receives for technical assistance.]

  2. Division deans/schedulers should know how to build the quarterly class schedule accurately through understanding of the college course catalog, Title 5, academic programs at the college (LINC, Honors, Civic Engagement, Sankofa, FYE, etc), and college/district policies (concurrent enrollment, FA contract, disability, etc).

    [Means of assessment--(1). how much time the Scheduling Coordinator spends during and after quarterly schedule proofing to correct the scheduling data that was inputted by the divisions; and (2). how many MSI’s the Scheduling Office receives to make changes to the class after the schedule production is done.] 

  3. Division deans/schedulers should know the scheduling timeline and produce the quarterly class schedule on time. 

    [Means of assessment--(1). if the scheduling timeline dates were changed to accommodate lateness; and (2). how much time the Scheduling Coordinator spends cleaning up and/or inputting data after the scheduling deadline expires and the scheduling system is closed.


Produce the quarterly class schedule on time and as accurately as possible according to the college/district policies, college course catalog information, and Title 5.


Last Updated: 9/2/15