Disability Information Student Handbook

Disability Information Student Handbook

Special Education Is Now Disability Support Programs & Services

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Checklist For Planning Accommodations

Before the quarter begins

  • Meet with DSS counselor/EDC advisor and counseling center, if necessary, to plan your class schedule.
  • Register for classes.
  • Inform your Department of Rehabilitation counselor by providing:
    • copy of class schedule
    • fees owed
    • books and supplies needed
  • Discuss your past accommodations with your DSS counselor/EDC advisor, as needed, in the following areas:
    • note taking
    • exams
    • communication needs
    • alternate media
    • instructor referral options
  • Meet your instructor to discuss accommodations and to gather, if needed, the following:
    • book and materials list
    • class syllabus
    • course handouts
    • exam schedule and format
    • information about field trips or other special assignments
  • Turn in alternate media requests, shuttle schedule requests, interpreter, real-time captioning requests, etc. to appropriate staffA

Soon after the quarter begins

  • Meet your instructor to discuss your accommodations
  • Meet with your DSS/EDC counselor for additional accommodations and to confirm accommodation arrangements
  • Schedule exam accommodations with the Testing Coordinator, if you use test accommodations

Throughout the quarter

  • Monitor the effectiveness of your accommodations and stay in touch with your EDC/DSS advisor, as needed
  • Monitor your progress in the class and meet with the instructor, as needed
  • Use additional support services, counseling, and tutoring, as needed


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