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Special Education Is Now Disability Support Programs & Services

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Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations
General Accommodations

Advising And Disability Management

Counseling Services

Counseling and advising are available through the Disability Support Programs and Services Division and through the general Counseling and Matriculation Division. Students enrolled through Disability Support Services or the Educational Diagnostic Center may make appointments with their counselor or advisor for:
  • Services and course information
  • Disability management
  • Accommodation consultation
  • Academic and educational planning
  • Personal counseling related to disability and educational program
  • Information and referral
Counselor/advisors may refer you to other counseling services on campus if it is advisable. We work closely with Counseling and Advising Services ( for additional and specialized academic and transfer assistance or personal counseling, if needed.

In addition to our programs and the Counseling and Matriculation Division, De Anza offers additional numerous and varied student services. Some of these are listed at support.  You may benefit from support and advice from several programs or resources simultaneously. Familiarize yourself with all the services which might be helpful. If you inform each program you work with about your involvement with DSS/EDC, your services can be coordinated in an effective manner. See the current Schedule of Classes, the De Anza web site or your counselor/advisor for further information about these resources. Counselors/advisors may also refer you to other community resources.

Coordination with Supported Education

To support students with psychological disabilities, De Anza employs a team approach. This team consists of the student and the DSS counselor, supplemented as needed by staff from the Health Services office or Counseling and Advising Services.  Students may see a counselor in Counseling and Advising Services for personal counseling assistance and referral, as well as use the services and advisers in DSS and EDC for accommodation and disability management issues. Service providers from off-campus agencies may also help the team with providing appropriate services. Because the college does not have a comprehensive or self-contained psychological services program, students must have the ability to independently seek out assistance from appropriate team members, when needed.

Should the student need assistance in a crisis, these professional services may also be supplemented by assistance from Health Services or Safety and Security Services.

Scheduling appointments

Appointments are generally scheduled for thirty minutes, unless you specify otherwise. Call the DSS secretary at 408-864-8753, (TTY) 408-864-8748, or EDC receptionist at 408-864-8839.  A counselor/advisor is on duty to meet with evening students. Call the receptionists for information on evening availability.

Drop in Counseling

Drop-in hours are designated in the morning and afternoon daily. You are encouraged to come by for assistance for quick questions that can be handled in 15 minutes or less. Check with DSS or EDC for the drop-in schedule for the quarter, or check the program web-sites where current quarter drop-in schedules are posted.

E-mail Advising

Students may communicate with their counselor/advisors by e-mail for issues that can be handled or answered effectively through this format. However, it may be more efficient to have a face-to-meeting with your counselor/advisor by appointment or for a brief consultation during drop-in hours, in order to resolve an issue. On e-mail questions, you can expect a response within three instructional days.


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