Disability Information Student Handbook

Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations

Concerns and Complaints

Student Complaints & Resolution Process

Student disputes regarding actions or policies may fall into one of several categories:
  • Accommodation disagreement or complaints about DSP&S services
  • Academic Regulation exceptions, unrelated to disability
  • Violation of Student Rights, grade disputes or alleged arbitrary actions
    without regard to academic due process.
  • Harassment or Discrimination, due to disability or other reason.
The process to resolve complaints and concerns varies, depending on the type. You may utilize a campus resource person from the Disability Support Programs and Services Division program, Counseling, Student Development, or other advisor for assistance. Information about procedures may be found in the current college Catalog and Schedule of Classes, or other locations, as noted below.

Denial of or disagreement about Accommodations or other complaints regarding DSP&S division programs and services

A solution may be obtained straightforwardly by using the suggestions in Dish section, ““The First Approach to Resolving Problems.”  If not, see the next DISH page, “Accommodation Disputes.”

Requests for Exceptions to the Academic Regulations or Requirements

Exceptions to college regulations are generally appealed by completing a Petition to the Academic Council or other specific Admissions and Records exception form.  Counselor/advisors can assist in the preparation of a request and can advise students of the proper procedure to carry a request forward.

Course substitutions or waiver requests based on disability follow a special procedure, as outlined in the DISH, Section Two: Academic & Classroom Accommodations & Services, Academic Adjustment & Course Substitutions. You may also see your DSS counselor or EDC advisor for information.

Violation of Student Rights

Students at De Anza College have Student Rights and Responsibilities as established in Board Policy 5500.  These are delineated in the De Anza College Student Handbook, available at 

The Student Grievance Procedure is a vehicle for complaints of alleged student right's violations. A summary of the Procedure is reprinted in the DISH Appendix.  For more information, contact the Office of Student Development.

The Grievance Process recommends that an initial attempt be made to resolve an issue directly with the staff member involved and his or her supervisor, if necessary. (See  Step 1 and 2 of the Student Grievance Procedures at  Helpful suggestions to consider are  in the DISH section, “The First Approach to Resolving Problems.”  Students may also follow the procedure for a formal complaint as outlined.

Complaints about Discrimination or Harassment

The District has adopted a Diversity Vision Statement and conducts regular trainings on Diversity in the Workplace.   Policies on Cultural Diversity, Mutual Respect, Anti-Discrimination, Harassment and Discrimination and Definition of Sexual Harassment have been delineated.  These can be viewed in detail at

Discrimination and harassment complaints follow the Procedures to Resolve Complaints Regarding Harassment and Discrimination (Board Policy 4640).  For complete information about District policy on Harassment and Discrimination, see

The Procedures encourage following a specified established Informal Process prior to filing a formal written and signed Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination Complaint form. Therefore, students are advised to first contact the Campus Coordinator, an administrator at Foothill and at De Anza charged with implementing the policy and procedure.  De Anza’s Campus Coordinator is the Dean of Student Development, who will provide advisement to the student and information about the informal and formal complaint procedures.

The college 504/ADA Officer may also be contacted initially, if the complaint is disability-related.

The Procedures to Resolve Complaints Regarding Harassment and Discrimination (Board Policy 4640) may be obtained from the Office of Student Development. the Foothill De Anza Community College District Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, or at  Formal complaints may be made on the District’s form or an approved form obtained from the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, (click to System Office/Divisions/Legal Affairs).

In the event that the College and/or District due processes procedures are not satisfactory, an individual may also pursue recourse at any point by filing with the Office for Civil Rights/San Francisco, U.S Department of Education, in accordance with procedures available via the website at


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