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Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations
Academic and Classroom Accommodations & Services

Test Accommodations For Classroom Tests

Modifications to classroom assessment procedures are determined on an individual basis based on the student’s educational limitations and the format of the examination.

Effective accommodation for in-class evaluation activities often requires preplanning. Make certain that you know the instructor's plan for quizzes or other in-class writing assignments. If you need assistance in determining appropriate accommodations for this type of course requirement, see your counselor/advisor.

Steps to arrange for testing accommodations:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your counselor/advisor as soon as the quarter begins or immediately after you determine you will need a test accommodation. Bring the course syllabus (green sheet), exam schedules and any other information available about the test format to the meeting.
  2. The counselor/advisor will review the "Test Accommodation Roles and Responsibilities" sheet. You may request a copy to give to your instructor.
  3. Complete and sign the Test Accommodation Verification (TAV).
  4. Read the Academic Integrity Policy on the back of the TAV form.
  5. Meet with your classroom instructor to discuss accommodations, confirm who will administer the accommodation, and have your instructor sign the form.
  6. Take the completed TAV form to the test proctor in DSS, RSS Building to schedule your exam time. The proctor will review the testing policies, procedures and rules.


  • Accommodations will be approved by the counselor/advisor only if a disability-related need is clearly supported by current documentation.
  • Test accommodations may be administered by the instructor, by the DIsability Support Programs and Services test proctor.
  • Test appointment arrangements must be made with the proctor a minimum of five (5) working days in advance. Any exception to this must be approved by your counselor/advisor. The test proctor cannot approve changes.
  • There is a deadline for Final exam test accommodation arrangements posted by the tenth week of the quarter in DSS and EDC and on the web-sites.
  • It is recommended that you schedule exams for the entire quarter, whenever possible.
  • Your exam appointment times must coincide as closely as possible with the regular classroom test time. Therefore, leave an hour free before or after any class in which you anticipate test accommodations will be needed.
  • Students will receive a Test Appointment reminder.
  • Students who arrive late for their test appointment may have that amount of time deducted.
  • Students should notify the Test Proctor and instructor is they will be unable to  make a scheduled test accommodation appointment. 
    • If there is no notification, the test will be returned to the instructor and the student will need to have instructor approval to take the exam at another time.
  • If there is a question about the effectiveness of the accommodation, meet with your counselor/advisor as soon as possible.
  • Any problems with test accommodation or administration must be reported immediately to your DSS counselor or EDC Advisor.

You must adhere to the policies of the testing center as explained by the test proctor, and outlined in Test Accommodation materials, and to any rules which are posted. Failure to do so may result in suspension of services.


Any incident which could potentially pose a breach of De Anza’s Academic Integrity Policy is reported to your class instructor immediately. See the catalog or the test proctor for a copy of the Integrity Policy.


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