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Vanessa Flanagan

The SSRS has benefited me by providing me with study rooms, tutors to help me with my classes and being able to talk to counselors when I need them without having to wait a long time. I want to major in LGBT Studies/Ethnic Studies. I also want to transfer to SFSU, San Diego State, UCSD, UCLA, or UC Berkeley.



 Cornelius Tan

The SSRS has benefited me by giving me the resources to succeed at my time at De Anza. There is a place to study, tutors, counselors and computers all for us to use. I want to major in Sociology and I want to transfer to UC Davis, Berkeley, SFSU, or SLO



 David Aguilera

I am currently majoring in computer animation. I would like to transfer to is University of Southern California. Though the SSRS provides me with computers to type my assignments, my favorite of the SSRS is the availability of the counselors to help with my college planning.



Desiree Berdejo

My major is Woman Studies. The SSRS Center is useful to me because it provides me a place to print for free. The SSRS welcomed me with open arms my first year, not only was I new to college but I was also new to the Silicon Valley. Thanks to the programs under the SSRS umbrella I was able to meet my two closest friends and meet with different loving counselors who really care about students and make sure they are on track to follow their dreams.



 Fabian Delgadillo

My major is Pre-Med. I will like to transfer to UC Davis, UCSC, UCLA, or UCR. The SSRS is a great place to feel at home with people that will help you and push you to succeed.



Leslie Verduzco

I am hopping to double major in mechanical engineering by attending Davis and architectural engineering at Cal Poly SLO. One thing I enjoy about the SSRS is that i am able to reach my academic goals due to their opportunities and support, but what I love the most is the new family I've made.




Dominique Breckenridge

My major is Psychology. I am not sure where exactly I want to transfer to but I would love to attend an HBC. Thanks to the SSRS program, I feel apart of a community that supports and encourages me to be my best. 



Kishon Faulks

I am still undecided about my major but the schools I want to transfer to are CSU SJ, SF, LA. What I like about the SSRS is Pauline and Patty's undivided attention.

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