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 David Aguilera

I am currently majoring in computer animation. I would like to transfer to is University of Southern California. Though the SSRS provides me with computers to type my assignments, my favorite of the SSRS is the availability of the counselors to help with my college planning.






 Fabian Delgadillo

My major is Pre-Med. I will like to transfer to UC Davis, UCSC, UCLA, or UCR. The SSRS is a great place to feel at home with people that will help you and push you to succeed.



Leslie Verduzco

I am hopping to double major in mechanical engineering by attending Davis and architectural engineering at Cal Poly SLO. One thing I enjoy about the SSRS is that i am able to reach my academic goals due to their opportunities and support, but what I love the most is the new family I've made.









Office:  LCW 102


Last Updated: 6/24/15