Strategic Planning Initiative

Strategic Planning Initiative

Planning for the Headlines of Tomorrow:
The Importance of Participation in a Strategic Discussion

  • Budgets
    • Operating budgets slashed over the last several years
    • Lost positions
    • New facilities without new positions

    Even with better budgets, decisions will need to be made regarding where money will be directed.

  • Enrollment Changes
    • Loss of base students since fall 2004 – cannot rely on Job Corps forever
    • Enrollment Growth Dollars tied to increases in enrollment
    • Future increases in enrollment likely will come from East and South San Jose
    • More of our students will likely be older and come with more varied life experiences.
    • Students will have higher expectations for technology use and technological proficiency.

    If we do not make changes to meet the needs of the students of the future, we will likely lose students to competitors.

  • Accreditation Self Study and Recommendations
    • Student Learning Outcomes
    • Student Equity

    We will need to make changes to programs and curricula to address the accreditation report, this can’t happen all at once so we need to plan how this will affect us over the next 5-10 years.

  • Students and Employee Feedback from Surveys
    • Good Works
      • Students reported spending more time on average working than studying
      • Finding and obtaining a job was the most important goal for students and students rated the college as doing a relatively poor job in this area
    • Noel-Levitz
      • Students and employees suggested that advising, concern for individual, run-around, registering for classes, were important but the college was doing a relatively poor job
    • Accreditation
      • When students were asked whether De Anza had helped improved their abilities, mathematical skills and learning on own were rated comparatively low
      • Students rated De Anza comparatively low in meeting their needs for online services and instruction
      • Employees had relative disagreement with the statement that student services were adequately staffed
    • Diversity
      • 1/3 of students responding to the diversity survey indicated that English was not their primary language
      • Students of color, but not white students, were more likely to indicate that few or none of their teachers showed care and concern

    We will need to make changes to serve students' individual needs to meet our mission and enrollment.

  • Needs Identified in Program Review and for the Bond Measure
    • Departments have conducted program reviews outlining directions and needs for the future
    • Departments have submitted needed resources that would be funded by the new bond
  • We will need to prioritize what programs will be given priority calls on the new equipment and technology funds if the bond measure passes.

Strategic Planning Initiative
Building: Administration
Contact: Marisa Spatafore
Phone: 408.864.8672

Last Updated: 11/11/10