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What is a Workshop?

The Listening and Speaking Center offers workshops everyday for students who want to   improve their English communication skills.

In a workshop, the workshop leader provides a topic for discussion, and the students will either talk as a group or in pairs. The leader also answers students’ questions and helps keep the conversation going. 

There is no homework in stand-alone workshops, but preparation may be required for workshops meeting more than once.

Most workshops are 50-minute stand-alone sessions, but some workshops on special
topics may require students to sign up for more than one session.

Preferred group size:
No more than 8 students  

How To Sign Up: 

  • Students should sign up in advance online. You can download the current workshop schedule.
  • To sign up for Conversation and Specialty Workshops, please click on Workshop Sign-up
  • To sign up for ESL 251/253 Support Workshops, go to ESL 251/253 Support Workshop Sign-up
  • Students on the waitlist are encouraged to come to the workshop anyway because students who sign up sometimes don’t show up.
  • Each Friday afternoon, new sign-up sheets for the workshops will be available online.

Types of Workshops:

Conversation Workshops concentrate on using informal English and have general topics such as   relationships, traveling, students’ cultures, and other everyday topics.

Specialty Workshops (“Listening”, “Speaking clearly”, “Special Topics”)  include conversation practice, but the goal is to provide students with more information about vocabulary, idioms, and listening and speaking skills.

ESL 251/253 Support Workshops are designed to help ESL 251 and 253 students understand the topics covered in their classes better and keep building their oral communication as well as grammar and writing skills.  

Conversation Listening Speaking Clearly Special Topics

Conversation Practice

using Different Topics

Listening Practice Pronunciation Practice Success in English Learning
Conversation Games   Pronunciation through Singing Reading Practice
Role Plays     Vocabulary
      Effective Communication
      Everyday Idioms
      Grammar in Conversation


Workshop Topics:

Download examples of workshop topics.

Time Sheet for LSC Activities:

Download the time sheet to keep a record of your LSC activities to submit to your instructor.

We look forward to seeing you in the LSC workshops.

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