Online Tutoring Strategies and Limitations

Welcome! Online tutoring is limited for a total of 5 hours per quarter, so use De Anza’s Student Success Center services ( as your first and most frequent option--save online tutoring hours for critical/major assignments, and when face-to-face services are unavailable, such as, evenings and weekends.  

Be efficient!

The online writing center uses 42 minutes per submission, so save your hours for high-stakes assignments as you may only submit about 3 total essays. The live online tutoring adds 7 minutes for archiving, so optimize your minutes with multiple questions per login.

Visit the SSC for face-to-face help in:

  • Writing at the Writing & Reading Center in ATC 309
  • ESL at the Writing & Reading Center in ATC 309 and Listening & Speaking Center in ATC 313
  • Math and Sciences at the Math, Science & Technology Resource Center in S43
  • Business at the General Subjects Tutoring Center in ATC 304

Questions or requests?  

If you are have exhausted your three hours of online tutoring. You may qualify to receive additional tutoring time. Submit questions or requests to:

Melissa Aguilar

Diana Alves de Lima

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