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  • "The Five Step Method for tutoring math" shows a tutor helping a statistics students with a simple probability problem and demonstrates effective tutoring techniques.

  • "Ways to become a reflective tutor" demonstrates a tutor helping a student graph a system of linear inequalities using the Five Step method. (Note: at 4:58, the line drawn should have been a dashed line, not a solid line.)

Handouts and Presentations

What's Redox Anyway? A tutor's guide to teaching oxidation-reduction problems (presentation)

The Arc Length of a Circle  (document)

How to introduce standard deviation in different types of distribution

Order of Operations

Who Am I? (how to write a chemical formula of ionic compound from name)

Solving a System of Equations

Word problem with a system of two equations

How to solve the arc length of a circle using a unit circle as an example (Math 41/51)

Resources for tutor projects:

Stages of Group Formation (Forming, Storming,Norming, Performing)

Working in Groups (to help your group be productive)

Antelope Valley College Math Handouts

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