Information for Tutors

Information for Tutors

Senior Tutor Info

Senior Tutors have a very special role at De Anza's Student Success Center. Using demonstrated tutoring and leadership skills, they will help guide new tutors through tutor training and their first quarter of tutoring.

Here's how it works: Each new tutor is matched with a Senior Tutor and contact information is exchanged. Throughout the quarter, senior tutors act as role models, mentors, and helpful and friendly faces around the Student Success Center. Senior Tutors assist the Tutor Support Team to facilitate and encourage communication.

If you have been selected to be a Senior Tutor, here's what you need to do to get started:



Information for Tutors
Building: ATC 3rd Floor and S43

Diana Alves De Lima

Melissa Aguilar


Last Updated: 1/24/18