Information for Tutors

Information for Tutors

Senior Tutor Checklist

Here's a week by week TO DO list to keep Senior Tutors on track, so they can keep the new tutors on track.

Throughout the quarter:

  • Check your e-mail regularly and respond to messages (every day, if possible).  E-mail is the main means of communication between you and your new tutors, and between you and Diana.  If your e-mail address changes or is not working, please let us know immediately.
  • Login to the Catalyst website and check it regularly.  New tutors begin posting questions on thr Forum as soon as they are hired.  Please respond to as many of these questions as you can.
  • Refer to the appropriate current green sheet for due dates and class meeting topics.
  • Stay in touch with Diana and with your supervisor to let us know about any problems or new developments with your new tutors.

By the end of Week 3 (or ASAP after a new tutor is assigned to you):

  • If this is your first time as a Senior Tutor, attend a Senior Tutor Orientation with Diana or your supervisor.
  • Arrange to meet for a 15-20 minute conference with each of your new tutors.  It is best to meet in the Tutorial Center, but if you need to meet elsewhere or meet over the phone, that is OK as well.  If any new tutor has not contacted you by the end of week 4, please send him or her an e-mail proposing a meeting time.

What to talk about during the meeting:

  • New tutors in the individual tutor training class are assigned to write down three questions about tutoring and post these questions to the Catalyst site.  Ask them to discuss these questions with you as well.    Spend a few minutes getting to know each other. Explain your role, and share your experiences with tutoring and tutor training.
  • Ask what s/he expects tutoring to be like;
  • Make sure s/he understands basic procedures, paperwork, and tutor training. If you are unsure about procedures, ask the Tutorial Center Staff.
  • Talk about the first session, setting goals, and beginning and ending the session.

Week 4

  • Attend the first All Tutor Meeting (usually Friday of the 4th week of classes, 12:30-1:30 in S43 to introduce yourselves to the group.

Weeks 5-8

  • Respond to the posted assignments. Read the "Senior Tutor Journal Response Guidelines" for advice on how to respond.
  • Remind your new tutors to sign up to videotape themselves, and let them know when you will be available to watch the tape with them.
  • Attend the appropriate Tutor Roundtable meeting and possibly help lead the session.

By Week 8
(Note: due dates for the video tape assignments differ between the various tutor training courses.  See the green sheet for dates.)

  • Each of your new tutors should have completed his or her videotape and contacted you to make a half-hour appointment to view a segment of the tape with you.  Call any one who has not called you by Week 9 to arrange an appointment.
  • Read the Senior Tutor Videotape Response Guidelines carefully before you watch the videotapes, and follow the guidelines described.

By end of Week 11

  • Email an end-of-quarter summary to Diana and the tutor support team with a few sentences about each of your new tutors. Report on your assessment of the tutor's level of commitment to tutoring, successes and/or  problems, and recommend tutors you think would make good Senior Tutors.


Information for Tutors
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