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Commute Alternatives

Tired of the rising gas prices? Want to be the solution to rather than the reason for increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere? Are you still commuting by yourself in your car to De Anza everyday? Yes? Then it's time try one, two or any of these commute alternatives!

  • Prius at De Anza Walk to De Anza if you live within 3 miles
  • Ride a bike
  • Take public transit — use your VTA SmartPass.
  • Carpool with another student or De Anza staff member
  • Add De Anza Online Education classes to your schedule so that you don't have to commute at all on some days
  • Make sure your next car purchase is a fuel efficient one!

Resources for Getting Started

We offer designated parking spaces on campus for students and employees who carpool and drive alternative fuel/hybrid vehicles.Learn more about this program.

You'll find bike racks for securing your bicycle throughout the De Anza campus. Please be safe and conscious of both cars and pedestrians when riding both on and off the De Anza campus. Want to know which bikes paths lead to De Anza College? See the Interactive VTA Bikeways Map and select Cupertino under Quick Zoom.

Bus at De Anza

Visit the VTA Web site to learn about buses that service De Anza and Cupertino. Also, consider choose housing along a transit route that travels to De Anza.


Plan a car-free trip. Take public transit, rideshare or bicycle. Or register with's ridematching service, a free service for Bay Area residents, to meet other carpoolers traveling to De Anza.

Visit the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Web site to subscribe to receive e-mail alerts on Spare the Air days when the district recommends using a commute alternative. Also find answers to questions about air pollution, descriptions of its health effects, clean air tips, and other educational resources.

Contact: Manny Dasilva
Phone: 408.864.5528

Last Updated: 4/20/18