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Building Construction and Renovation

Facilities Master Plan

The 2007 Facilities Master Plan provides a foundation for the college to use in developing implementation and budget plans while remaining flexible in response to changing instructional and student service program needs, cost implications and phasing capabilities. It addresses the primary goals identified during the planning process:

  • Visual and Performing Art Buiding under constructionSupport student success and retention through the development and ongoing support of educational and public spaces that are attractive, comfortable and suitable for a variety of uses and to a diversity of users.
  • Develop safe and accessible vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle paths.
  • Exemplify environmental stewardship and leadership toward sustainability.
  • Provide space that will empower and support collegiality among faculty, staff and students.
  • Read about our commitment to environmental sustainability in the Letter from De Anza President Brian Murphy in the 2007 Facilities Master Plan.
  • Visit the FHDA CCD Facilities Web site to download the entire 2007 Facilities Master Plan.


Current and Upcoming Projects

New Construction

Visual and Performing Arts Center
This project is currently underway with an expected completion date in 2009.

Mediated Learning Center
This new facility is proposed to the west of the California History Center. It facility will include instructional space as well as the relocation of the Technology Resources Group and Distance Learning. Secondary effects of this project will include demolition of the OTI Trailer Complex and Staff House.


Renovation of Existing Buildings

Historical corridor buildings

Multicultural Center and L9
A new Multicultural Center is recommended for the campus in order to invite community dialogue and participation in international and intercultural studies. L9 will be renovated to create the center, which will include flexible classrooms and labs and public spaces.

Historical Corridor
The college has an opportunity to emphasize the historical significance of some campus buildings and features through the creation of a historical corridor. The historic cottage and old winery building will be renovated and serve as prominent instructional and student support spaces. The California History Center will exist as an anchor to the corridor, with the renovated fountain (La Vita Auna Fontona) and courtyard providing the external connection to the triad of buildings.

Completed Green Building Projects

New Construction

Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies

Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies, LEED Certified Platinum
Built with considerable input (financial and planning) from students, the Kirsch Center is the lead demonstration building for energy innovation and sustainability in the California Community College system. The philosophy of this facility is "a building that teaches about energy, resources and stewardship."

Winner of the 2007 Livable Buildings Award by the Center for the Built Environment (CBE) at the University of California, Berkeley, the building's various structural and utility systems are exposed to view for students. A real-time display shows the power generated by the photovoltaic panels.

Read more on the award and the livability of the center at ArchitectureWeek

Registration & Student Services Building, LEED Certified Silver

Registration & Student Services Building










De Anza Science Center (remodel and expansion), LEED Certified Silver (pending)



Renovation of Existing Buildings

Administration Building

Forum Building

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