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2007 Facilities Master Plan

Letter from the President

What should differentiate the De Anza College graduate, in addition to his or her outstanding academic preparation? What should she have to complement her newly minted diploma or certificate, or he in order to round out his training? With our emerging focus on community and civic engagement, the answer, I believe, is that our students should be aware and engaged citizens committed to serving and transforming their communities, as well as superbly educated in
their academic field. We want our students to emerge with broad, valuable attributes and skills.

All elements of this broad education are crucial to student success,including our outstanding academic programs and student services as well as our environment, in the dual sense of the word: our physical surroundings as well as the academic community we sustain. Among our goals, for example, is our taking responsibility for the natural world, for energy conservation, for sustainability, which we address in the upcoming Sustainability Management Plan as well as in this Facilities Master Plan.

Ancient philosophies, current psychological and architectural theories, and common sense hold that our physical surroundings make a key difference in our capacity to thrive in our environment. The Facilities Master Plan, simply speaking, is a blueprint of how we can best ensure that De Anza College's physical environment is conducive to learning and working together.

The 2007 Facilities Master Plan focuses on how we can help effect this learning environment. De Anza and our sister college, Foothill, are deeply fortunate that the local community overwhelmingly
approved Measure E in 1999, which granted our students several key new facilities and widespread campus renovation, thereby improving the learning environment. Again in 2006, our local community voted to support the college by passing Measure C, in recognition of our continuing need for investment in our buildings, technology and infrastructure.

Measure C allows us to address many of our needs. This Facilities Master Plan addresses how we can further improve the campus,contributing to the broad education we want students to receive in
order to become intellectually aware and fully contributing members of the community.

Brian Murphy, President

Download the entire De Anza College 2007 Facilities Master Plan. (PDF 4.7 MB)

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