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Sustainability Management Plan

Efforts and Accomplishments to Date

De Anza College has served as a leader, with support from the district, in sustainability within and for the California Community College (CCC) system, including these past measures and programs:
  • First Community College district in California (and nation) to have three USGBC LEED buildings, with three completed green building LEED projects:

    • Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies (a national model for sustainability and education); Science Center;
    • Registration & Student Services Building;
    • and Visual & Performing Arts Center
  • Kirsch Center - State-wide Energy Management Program (SEMP) Building #1 (first of 20 such projects by 2020 in CCC system) and environmental sustainability, stewardship and interdisciplinary education. SEMP training of energy specialists provided both locally and state wide:
  • Student involvement for more than 12 years on greening efforts including De Anza Student Body's (DASB) initial gift of $180,000 for the conceptual design for the Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies
  • California Community College sustainability curriculum workshops
  • Energy efficiency efforts for more than 10 years culminating in the Energy Policy andTraining Handbook, which provides policy recommendations for California and the Community College System
  • Renewable energy projects, including photovoltaic and co-generation systems
  • Environmentally sound practices committee effort (CEAG) on the De Anza campus, writing specific sustainable guidelines for the college
  • Non-smoking policy on De Anza campus
  • Campus-wide recycling effort for 12 years
  • Environmental Studies Department - first endowed chair in Environmental Studies in the California Community College system
  • Cheeseman Environmental Study Area (ESA) - first of its kind in the California Community College system
  • Green building materials are being used in all new and renovated buildings (i.e. sunflower seed husks counter tops and waterless urinals)
  • Green maintenance products and green consumables are used campus wide

Contact: CEAG Committee

Last Updated: 9/21/16