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Title IX

Video: Not Anymore

De Anza College is committed to creating and sustaining a safe educational and working environment. As part of that commitment, the college is providing a video, "Not Anymore," through which viewers can learn about preventing domestic and sexual violence.

All De Anza College students, as part of a federal requirement, must learn about  preventing domestic and sexual violence. The video fulfills that requirement. Students must access and watch "Not Anymore" through MyPortal (see the column on the right) in order to be credited with watching the video.

NOTE: If you participated in online orientation, the video was included. You must have signed in with your student ID in order to be credited with watching the video. 


Stacey Shears, Dean, Disability Support Programs and Services
Title IX Office:
Administration Building, ADM 122
Phone: 408.864.8954
Phone: 408.864.5394


Last Updated: 8/29/16