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Transfer Planning


Delay in 2017-18 Articulation Agreements on ASSIST

Currently, ASSIST ( displays articulation data up through 2016-17. Articulation agreements (CSU/UC Transferable Course Lists, Major Agreements, Department Agreements, CSU GE Transferable Course Lists, and IGETC Transferable Course Lists) for 2017-18 are not yet available on ASSIST. This delay is due to technical problems encountered just prior to the release of the new ASSIST system, originally scheduled for deployment this past summer 2017.  The new release date of the “ASSIST Next Generation” system is June 1, 2018.

The ASSIST Coordination Site Team is working to resolve this issue and plan to provide 2017-18 articulation agreements as PDF documents on ASSIST.  The timeline for this action is unknown at this time. 

Recommendations for students:

1)  Check regularly for updates.

2)  Subscribe to De Anza’s Transfer Planning Listserv to receive updates on the availability of the 2017-2018 agreements on ASSIST.

3)  Check De Anza’s Transfer Planning website for updates.

During this interim period, for planning purposes, refer to the 2017-18 COURSE REPORT [PDF] to view new, revised and deleted courses.

If you are applying to transfer to CSU or UC in fall 2018, please follow these guidelines when entering "In Progress" and "Planned" courses into Cal State Apply and the UC Application systems.

Reporting In Progress/Planned De Anza Courses in Cal State Apply:
Courses should be entered into Cal State Apply as they will appear on the transcript, so applicants should refer to the 2017-18 Course Report when entering In Progress/Planned courses.  If you are not able to select a course within the system because it is a new De Anza course, you must manually enter it. If a course has been revised (i.e. department, title, unit value), select the course from the system and make the necessary change(s) to reflect the 2017-18 course information.

Reporting In Progress/Planned De Anza Courses in the UC Application:
All 2017-18 UC transferable courses are correctly showing in the system which means only revisions to UC transferable courses should be addressed.  If you are entering in a course that has been revised, select the course appearing on the system then ADD A NOTE in the “additional academic commentssection explaining that the course prefix, title, and/or unit value has changed. (Example: SPCH has changed to COMM; or POLI 1 is 5 units)



Don’t forget to keep a copy of your admission application for your records.


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