Transfer Planning

Transfer Planning

Major Preparation Requirements - UC

All UC bachelor degrees include major requirements that include both lower-division and upper-division course work that is specifically related to the field of study for the major.  As a transfer student, you should complete as many lower-division major requirements as possible at De Anza College prior to transfer.

For a list of De Anza College courses that fulfill lower-division course requirements by major,visit ASSIST.  You can use the Exploring Majors feature on the site or select the UC campus of your choice to view the articulation agreement by major.  If you're uncertain which UC campus you wish to attend visit the Major Preparation Paths page on the UC Transfer Admission Web site to better understand the requirements you need to fulfill in order to transfer into a specific major at a UC campus.

It is important that transfer students determine which major preparation courses are required to be completed before transfer and which would be beneficial to complete in order to maximize chances of admission to a specific UC campus.  Because UC majors tend to be highly specialized, major requirements can be different across campuses. 

Applicants to selective majors and competitive campuses may also be required to complete specific major preparation courses, or sets of courses, with a specific GPA in order to be considered for admission to the major. 

Additionally, students pursuing high-unit majors (e.g. engineering or biological, physical and natural sciences) should focus on completing lower-division major preparation coursework which may be required for admission to the major.  It is also important to complete coursework that meets the minimum UC admission requirements for transfer as a junior.

Transfer applicants are evaluated, in large part, on the basis of their academic performance in lower-division major preparation courses, so it is important that you review and understand the requirements for your intended major as early as possible. 

Students are advised to consult with a De Anza College counselor or academic advisor as early as possible to confirm your choice of classes and to develop an education plan for transfer.

Visit the Meet with a Counselor page to view the academic services available through the De Anza College Counseling & Advising Center or stop by the Counseling & Advising Center located on the 2nd floor of the Registration & Student Services Building during hours of operation.

  • You should begin course work in your major as soon as you have selected a major and work to complete all major prerequisites prior to transfer to the UC, especially if your major includes mathematics and science courses.
  • If you are applying for fall admission, check to determine if the UC campus of your choice requires you to complete specific major preparation requirements by the end of the spring term prior to transfer.
  • Completion of all or as many major preparation requirements available will make you more competitive in the admissions process.


Disclaimer:  The final responsibility for successful transfer rests with the student.  The information posted on the De Anza College Transfer Planning Web site is designed to assist you in obtaining the most accurate information possible.  However, this information is subject to change without notice, which may subsequently impact your admission to the University.

Students are encouraged to meet as early as possible and periodically with a counselor or academic advisor both at De Anza College and at the transfer institution to confirm your choice of classes and to develop an education plan for transfer.

Transfer Planning
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