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Faculty Website Guide

Build Your Faculty Website

This OmniUpdate Faculty Website Guide is designed to help you get your faculty website up and running as fast as possible.

As you work through this guide, you'll find links to the general User's Guide for OmniUpdate with  instructions for completing specific tasks, like uploading PDFs and linking to them from a webpage. We'll point you to the information that you need to make a simple faculty website.

Request Your Faculty Website Click to Get StartedWe've simplified our Faculty website template structure with a profile page to start. See an example on the De Anza website.

  1. Complete the online request form to get started. You'll receive a confirmation of your request.

  2. Faculty Profile PageDon't forget to e-mail the Web Team at with a photo and your course greensheet(s) per the email confirmation. You can also select one of the Campus Shots if you prefer.

  3. Once we've created your page, you'll get another email from the Web Team when the page is LIVE and and we've added a link to it from the Faculty Website Listing.

  4. STARTING IN WINTER 2014: OU Accounts for all faculty will become available sometime in winter quarter.

    You'll automatically receive an OmniUpdate (OU) user's account
    for simple edits to your faculty profile home page and/or so that you can create new pages for your course materials. Note: Accounts are currently limited and will be provided only if requested and if available. 
Decide on the Format for Your Course Information

Your OU account will allow you to create pages to link to from your faculty profile page. Before you get started creating new pages, consider how you want to display and distribute your course materials.


Do you want your course material to be visible ONLY to enrolled students?

  • If YES, then activate Course Studio inside MyPortal.
  • You can start uploading materials today! You don't need to wait for your public faculty profile.



Do you want your course materials available to the public?

  • If YES, then use your OU account to create faculty course web pages, linked from your home page left nav menu.
  • You'll want to consider if you want just a single page for each class, or a subsection with multiple pages for each class.
  • How to Information will be available starting fall 2013.

Faculty Web Site Guide
Contact: Web Team


Last Updated: 12/4/13