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Faculty Website Guide

Creating a New Class Page

  1. CLICK Content at top of page.

    Content Tab with Pages

  2. CLICK + New  Create new page button

  3. CLICK which template you want to use.
    • Do you use Course Studio? Create a course page that provides directions on how to find Course Studio for your class inside MyPortal.  See an example.
    • New Page Example 1 – If you want to use a 12-week table format
    • New Page Example 2 – If you want a simple listing for Assignments, Handouts, Presentations in PDF/Word format.

  4. FILL OUT form fields (see example below) with the following information formats. *Required fields

    • *Page Title: Use the Course Dept and Number, such as EWRT 1B
    • *Faculty First and Last Name: John Watson
    • *Filename: ewrt1b.html (Use course dept and number, with all lower case. Be certain to include .html file extension.)
    • Overwrite Existing: Check if you want to replace an existing page file
    • Access Group: Ignore this selection!

    Create page form

  5. CLICK Create.Create Button

  6. Wait for the new page to render. When completed, you'll see a page of content that is ready to edit with the page editor WYSIWYG toolbar.

Faculty Web Site Guide
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Last Updated: 8/4/14