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Faculty Website Guide

Moving from Manila with OU Campus

As the District support for Manila is expected to end in winter quarter 2015, the De Anza Web Team is pleased to support your faculty website needs with OmniUpdate's OU Campus.

With OU Campus, you can create public web pages for posting course materials and other resource information for your students.

Getting Started with OU Campus

Request Your Faculty Website Click to Get StartedEven if you use another tool for distributing course materials, such as Course Studio or Catalyst, we encourage all faculty to request a faculty profile web page for listing on the faculty website directory. A faculty profile home page will provide prospective students with basic information about yourself and the classes that you teach.

Once the Web Team creates your profile home page, you'll receive:

  • Your new faculty profile/website URL
  • Your user account
  • Training and support for moving your content from Manila to OU campus

When you are ready for your new faculty website to "Go Live," email the Web Team at andwe'll update your name on the faculty website directory with the URL to your new OU Campus faculty website.

Note: Your new website URL will be different from your Manila website. When your new website is ready to replace your old one, we recommend that you include a message on your Manila faculty home page with a link to your new website.

Preparing for the Move from Manila

As we build your profile page, here are the actions you can take to prepare your Manila content for the move to OU Campus.

  • Review the content on your Manila website, determining what you want to move over and what you want to leave behind, including images and links to documents and other resources that may no longer be relevant to what you teach.

  • Download and group the documents and images from your Manila site that you still want to use. Place the files into respective pdf and images folders on your computer. Note: These files will need to be uploaded to the OU Campus system. Fortunately, OmniUpdate's OU Campus V10 makes it easy to  do this with the new drag and drop technology! As you download them, think about renaming them with an easy to understand naming system if that's not already the case. (Manila sometimes generated file names which were not specific to content description.)

  • Determine the scope of the migration process for your faculty website and how much help you may need, answering these questions:

    1. If you have a larger website with older outdated legacy pages, how do you use your Manila website now?

    2. How many web pages do you need to move (which means how many new pages need to be created in OU Campus)?

    3. Course Studio TemplateSince this is a time of change, would you prefer to move to a password-protected system for distributing your course materials? You can simplify the creation of your public website by using the OU Campus new page templates to direct students to these resources.

    4. If you decide you want to continue using your public website to distribute course material, check out examples of the new class faculty templates as you decide which content you want to move from Manila.

OU Campus Hands-On Training and Support

Faculty website how-to demonstrations and one-on-one assistance will be provided during open lab times throughout the summer months.

After you review the materials provided on this website, please email the Web Team at with any questions or requests for further assistance if your migration from Manila requires more support than is explained here.

We look forward to helping you.

Faculty Web Site Guide
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Last Updated: 2/2/16