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OmniUpdate User's Guide

Creating RSS News Feeds

If you want to create a page that can be subscribed to as an RSS feed, you must request that your Web site be set up with an RSS template through a request to the Web Team at webteam@deanza.edu. Let us know which type(s) of RSS feed you need.

  • Announcement
  • Meeting agenda
  • Meeting notes

Create an RSS Feed Entry

Once your OmniUpdate Web site is set up create an RSS feed, you should see the appropriate template per your request when you create a new page.

Here are examples of available templates, depending on which type of RSS feed you need to manage, such as a generic announcement, meeting agenda or meeting notes.

RSS templates

  1. RSS formGO TO the folder  for the type of RSS feed that you want to create. Example: announcement.
  2. CLICK on the appropriate RSS feed template. You will then see a dialog window similar to this example.
  3. FILL OUT each field as described. (Note: Information about date/time and author are stored automatically).
  4. DOUBLE CHECK your information and CLICK Create.
  5. You will see your newly created page, just like when you create any other new page. The difference is that you also just created an RSS news item that will link to this new Web page. You should SEE the RSS icon in your Page Action Toolbar view.  You may now edit both the content in both the new Web page and the RSS feed (if needed).


Editing before publishing

IMPORTANT: De Anza's OmniUpdate configuration requires that you edit the Link Parameter for your RSS item before you publish the new Web page. Please follow these steps listed in the yellow box. You may also make other edits to your RSS feed item while in this dialog box.

  • CLICK on the edit RSS orange icon Edit RSS (non published)
  • CHANGE the Link parameter to be http://www.deanza.edu/... instead of http://omni.deanza.edu/.
Edit RSS link
  • CLICK on the Update button to save the change.
  1. Now EDIT the Main Content area of your new page just as you would with any new page in OmniUpdate.
  2. When done editing, SAVE the page and then PUBLISH to publish both the RSS feed item and the Web page that the feed will link to.
  3. You should have a Web page that the Web Team set up that lists all your RSS feed items. Once a RSS feed page is published, you should see the RSS feed summary on that Web page and it will link to the new HTML page that you just created and published.

You can edit any Web page that is linked from an RSS feed item in the same way that you edit any other Web page in OmniUpdate. However, when you check out the page to edit it, you will see the RSS orange icon. If you click it, you can create a new RSS feed for the updated page.

Edit existing rssTo edit content of an existing RSS feed item associated to a Web page, follow these steps:

  1. CHECK OUT the page.
  2. CLICK on the RSS icon (if the page was already published, it will be without the yellow pencil). You will see a new form that allows you to create a new RSS entry connected to this Web page.
  3. At the top of the form there is an Edit Existing RSS Items button. CLICK that button to display a list of any RSS entry previously created and associated to this Web page.
  4. FIND the title of the RSS feed that you want to edit. You will be given the Update RSS Item. Remember that the link has to be "www." and not "omni." Once you are done editing, CLICK the Update button.
  5. Please Note: Because your RSS was previously published, in order for the changes to be public, you will need to Rebuild the Feed.

Rebuild Feed



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