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OmniUpdate User's Guide

Basic Training Outline

  1. Functional Templates Overview
  2. Logging In
  3. OU Campus Interface
  4. Editable Page Area Buttons - Page (green) vs. Global (orange)
  5. Page Editor WYSIWYG Toolbar View
  6. Page Actions Toolbar View - Single Page with Split Screen
    • Edit
    • Modifying Page Properties
    • Preview
    • Check Links
    • Revert to previously published - Version archive
    • Back up
  7. Editable Web Pages Full View - Full List of all page files and folders > Content Tab
  8. Page Check In and Check Out - Turn on and turn off the light bulb
  9. Create a New Page and Folder - Content (Pages) Tab > +New (must be in Editable Web Pages Full View)
    • Template selection
  10. Saving (Preview) vs. Publishing (Review in new window)
  11. Using the Editor Tool Bar
    • Save often
    • Copying and Inserting Text from other Web pages or Word
    • Heading styles
    • Creating and Modifying Links
    • Uploading and Inserting Images
    • Creating and Modifying Tables
  12. Uploading Documents for Sharing - Drag and Drop
  13. Creating Links
  14. Logging Out - Check pages back in first (turn off the light)
  15. Best Practices
    • File naming - use lowercase, hypens or underscores (NO spaces!)  and include extension (eg.  .html, .pdf, .ppt, .doc, .jpg, .gif
    • Image Sizing - Web Photo Resizer http://www.webresizer.com/
    • Document Preparation - Convert to PDF
  16. Online User Guide at www.deanza.edu/webguide/omniupdate/user-guide/ - Updates for V10 coming soon!
  17. Email the Web Team at webteam@deanza.edu when ready to go LIVE
  18. Open Lab - Check for times at www.deanza.edu/webguide/omniupdate/users.html

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Last Updated: 8/1/17