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Creating a Page Layout

You can create a nice page layout without tables by including lists, inserting images with appearance formatting and using colored subheadings to separate different sections of text.

For a two-column layout out, you will want to use a table. You can copy, paste and edit the example below or create your own from scratch. Change the styles using the style dropdown selection.

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Message from the Dean

It is my pleasure to welcome you to study at De Anza College. You will find superb faculty and staff, excellent facilities and an encouraging college atmosphere.

Student Resources
De Anza offers a comprehensive student success program to help you make the most of your efforts here.
  • Reading Readiness Program
  • Writing and Reading Center
  • ESL Readiness Lab
  • Academic Skills Center
  • Listening and Speaking Lab
  • Instructional Computing Lab
  • Math and Science Tutorial Lab
  • English Writing Readiness Lab
  • Tutorial Center
Associate Degrees

graduatesStudents may choose from a diverse selection of degree and certificate program from our many academic departments, including Nursing, Environmental Studies, Meterology, Business, Film/TV and many more in our wide range of academic divisions. Our programs provide an excellent transfer rate to top colleges.

What's New
  • Sign up for graduation by 5/26
  • Application form
  • Study Abroad
  • Paid Internships
Student Information
  • Degree & certificate application
Program Web Sites
  • Art
  • Dance + Theater
  • Euphrat Museum
  • Film/TV
  • Music
  • Photography

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