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OmniUpdate User's Guide

Logging In to OmniUpdate OU Campus

You must log in to OmniUpdate OU Campus to make changes to your site.

This will provide access to the Content Tab functions, which allow you to edit existing pages and create new ones from templates based on your site type — instructional division and department, programs and services, or faculty.

  1. NAVIGATE toyour Web site home page on www.deanza.edu by typing its URL, visiting the faculty web page directory on the De Anza College site, using the search engine or using a bookmark that you have created in your web browser.

    Until you ask the Web Team to push your Web site LIVE, use the omni.deanza.edu URL to provided during training. If you want to edit a page other than your home page, GO TO the page using the Left navigation menu links.
  2. SCROLL to the bottom of the page and CLICK on the Last Updated: time-stamped link. A login page should appear.

    TYPE your campus-wide ID (CWID) and password, as you would for MyPortal.

    Note: You will be locked out after three incorrect login attempts. (Hint: Username is your De Anza "friendly" e-mail (lastnamefirstname). If you get locked out, E-mail the Web Team to ask for your account to be unlocked.
  3. The page that you logged in from will now appear with edit buttons. You can choose one of the editable areas or perform a different task, such as select a different page to edit or create a new page.
If you see an error message

If you get an error message, such as "Access was denied, Please try again, or contact technical support," and you are sure that you entered the correct username and password, it means that you are trying to access a Web page that does not belong to you.

Go back and repeat steps 1 and 2, making sure that you are clicking the Last Updated link on a Web page assigned to you (on which you have permission for editing).

After logging in, always be sure to log out when you are finished editing, particularly if you use a computer that is accessible to others. If you do not sign off, the next user may have full access to your site!

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Last Updated: 9/27/16