Web Publishing Guide

Web Publishing Guide

About the Web Team 

The De Anza Web Team manages the main college Web site and the publishing process, which includes, but is not limited to:
  • Establishing graphic design, look and feel and navigation structure,
  • Coordinating tracking and measurement of visits to sites,
  • Managing the overall process of creating, modifying and deleting sites and pages,
  • Conducting Web site surveys, reviews and usability testing,
  • Developing and managing marketing content,
  • Maintaining the Web server.

The Web Team's role includes helping site owners make sure their message is presented well and that content is edited and up to date. Team members can provide help to use OmniUpdate and other resources to help site editors develop and maintain their Web sites. The Web Team is available to review sites after they are developed.

The goals of the Web Team are to:
  • Maintain a functional, attractive and easy to use Web site that promotes De Anza College and is accessible to all audiences, regardless of their level of Web experience,
  • Create a positive impression about the college: who we are, what we do and the impact we have on students and our community,
  • Recruit new students via the Web,
  • Provide timely information about the college‚Äôs programs and services,
  • Improve usability, content management and college identity through consistency in design, navigation structure, and functionality,
  • Increase campus-wide conformance with accessibility standards,
  • Develop online systems that enhance, simplify or eliminate the need for paper-based processes, and
  • Provide technical Web site support for faculty with sites on the main De Anza Web server and staff who maintain program and department sites.

Any member of the Web Team can provide you with general information about publishing your Web site.

Web Publishing Guide
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Last Updated: 7/24/12