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The contemplation of that world beckoned like a liberation - Albert Einstein

Marek Cichanski and telescope

Marek Cichanski

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Structural Geology, Geologic Mapping, Observational Astronomy
B.S. Geology, Univ. of Washington 1990; Ph.D. Geology, Univ. of Southern Calif., 1995; M.S., Astronomy, Swinburne University, 2012
I enjoy teaching introductory science classes to non-science majors. I love telling the stories of how the Earth works, how solar systems like ours (and others) work, and the story of our universe's history.

How did people figure these things out, and how are they trying to learn more? These are some of the questions that I most enjoy exploring with my students.
Winter 2018
CRN Course Title
30185 ASTR-004.-01 Solar System Astronomy
00192 ASTR-010.-01 Stellar Astronomy
32656 ASTR-015L-01 Astronomy Laboratory
Spring 2018
CRN Course Title
00190 ASTR-004.-01 Solar System Astronomy
00193 ASTR-004.-04 Solar System Astronomy
42759 ASTR-015L-02 Astronomy Laboratory

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