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Please see important information below about policy changes that impact enrollment and registration.

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Update! Priority Enrollment Regulations
The number of units completed at De Anza impact the date you can register for classes. Effective fall 2014, your completed unit total, academic/progress status, and whether you have completed orientation, assessment and an abbreviated (first-quarter) educational plan and have a declared major will impact your registration date. When planning your classes, see information about upcoming and current priority enrollment regulations.

Course Repetition, Repeatability and Families (Active Participatory Courses)
Stay informed about regulations that govern the number of times a student may repeat a course and limitations that apply for active participatory courses within families.

Prerequisite Requirements
When planning which classes to take, always check the schedule of classes for prerequisite/corequisite requirements.

Financial Aid Changes
When planning to either repeat or withdraw from a class, always check the Financial Aid website for information about changes to federal and state programs.

Communications Office
Phone: 408.864.8948

Last Updated: 3/5/14