About Me

Mr. Lilly teaches Introduction to Business, Business Law I, and Business and Society at De Anza College.  Mr. Lilly has been at De Anza College since 2000.  Prior to working at De Anza College, Mr. Lilly worked for 15 years at various high tech companies in the Bay Area, including Tandem Computers, Ungermann-Bass, Stratacom, KPMG, and LSI Logic.  Mr. Lilly held various positions in Finance, Accounting, and Information Technologies at these companies.

Classes I Teach

Winter 2019

00266BUS 102Introduction to Business
00275BUS 1063ZIntroduction to Business
00281BUS 184Business Law I
00286BUS 2163ZBusiness and Society

Fall 2018

00289BUS 102Introduction to Business
00298BUS 107Introduction to Business
00297BUS 1062ZIntroduction to Business
00302BUS 181Business Law I
00308BUS 2162ZBusiness and Society
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