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Web Sites on Budget Cuts

These links were collected by ICS24.01 and ELIT24.01 in Winter, 2010.  Students in the class provided the descriptions of what you can find at each of the web sites.

Community College Links

The Campaign for College Opportunity website is a helpful resource of information about the effects of budget cuts on community colleges.

110 community colleges burning pockets of millions who’ve been declined from classes.

This article informs us of the budget cut crisis that the community college system is going through, and it tells us how community college staffs as well as the students may develop stressful frustrations. 

This URL can help assist an incoming student to the community college system.

In this article, it mainly focuses on how community colleges all over California are being deficiently effected by budget cuts such as: laying off staff, cutting programs, and having larger class sizes.

People are able to learn through this; especially students that actually go to community college by they all witness the budget cuts happening in front of them.

An earlier series of questions and answers that detail the situation of California Community Colleges when the budget cuts began drawing significant attention.

This website will help understand the community college budget cuts because it answers various questions such as how the financial aid will be affected, what impact has it had, and etc.

How the budget cuts will affect California Community Colleges.

This website will help someone learn about how the budget cuts are affecting the Community Colleges because it talks about how the 2.9 million students who depend on these colleges will have even a harder time getting in and if they are already in it will be hard to get the classes they want.

This site mentions how community colleges were made to create higher level learning for everyone, no matter their pay, as well as how much money the system is losing.

This website contains a few major statistics of the effects of budget cuts to
community colleges.

This link will give you info on how community college access will be
impacted by the budget cuts.

This article shows the effects the budget cuts have on various people.
In this particular link, Grace Chen of Community College Review writes about the severity of the budgets cuts to California's community college system by establishing what is being taken away with the budgets and the subsequent consequences of this.

This website will show readers the impact of budget cuts and how the consequences are already implemented today in community colleges.

Community colleges suffer budget cuts: The budget cuts will hit community colleges across the state, and could affect students who want to transfer to four-year schools of their choice.

Among learning about community college budget cuts, this website will not only help provide information on budget cuts but also about: financial aid programs, and organizations of expanding college opportunity to students throughout the state.

The website focuses on community colleges in California and provides information of budget cuts, and general news about community colleges in the state.

The article “Are California Community Colleges at Risk of Serious Budget Cuts?” is a helpful resource to someone who is trying to learn about the education budget is because not only does it state how badly community colleges are being cut off, it also tells us what may be “phased out” and what the plans are to fix it.

This website is helpful because it provides questions that you may have about budget cuts and then answers those questions for you.

This article explains community college troubles as the number of students increases, while there is a lack in funding.

This resource specifically explains how the budget cuts are affecting the students attending community colleges and provides a mid-year reduction plan to help remedy this crisis.

This webpage would be helpful to someone because there is a lot of information regarding budget cuts for community colleges.

K-12, CSU and UC Links

The Students for California's Future coalition website is a helpful resource of information how budget cuts affects California State Universities, University of California, and K-12 schools.

The rising budget cuts are creating huge problems within the public school systems where many classes are cancelled because they cost too much money and there are not enough seats for students within the classes that are still open.

Many schools have eliminated sports programs, summer school, and cut down on bus routes because of the growing budget cut on education, this not only affects the school systems but mainly the students.

California State Universities taking blows at Arnold’s decision on the needs of education.

This article stresses the fact that the government would rather spend more money on new prisons than on educational institutions.

This site can inform new or transferring students about admissions to the CSU system, such as myself.

The article has an interesting idea in that it suggests changing the way that taxes are collected, and restructuring tax structure so that state revenue is less volatile (it does not fluctuate with the economy).

Making gas expensive, not a popular idea but perhaps it is a necessary one.

This article attempts to explain the budget cuts in higher education with one ideal point: tuition increase is for the better as long as there is financial aid and scholarships.

This article can help a person learn about budget cuts because it tells you how each states K-12 education is getting affected by the budget cuts.

A visual display of the distribution of funds to the California K-12 education system.

This website will help understand the UC system budget cuts because it gives statistics, resources, and information about the Cal Grants for UC students due to this budget cut.

This link explains how the California state budget cuts will affect those attending UC’s, CSU’s, and community colleges, along with supporting numbers/statistics.

This article gives another basic summary about the budget cuts, especially on how they affect different colleges.

The Governor’s decision to provide more money to the UC systems.

The rising budget cuts are creating huge problems within the public school systems where many classes are cancelled because they cost too much money and there are not enough seats for students within the classes that are still open.

Many schools have eliminated sports programs, summer school, and cut down on bus routes because of the growing budget cut on education,  this not only affect the school systems but mainly the students.

This website will help someone learn about how the budget cuts are affecting the CSU’S because it talks about how they are stopping enrollment for anybody who was trying to get it in spring of 2010.

This site discusses proposition 98, new spending limits, and changes being made in the k-12 education system.
This article explains in detail the results of recent budget cuts.
This link will give you info on how the budget cut is affecting students.

This article tells what kind of things are being cut and by how much.

In the link above, general statistics and numbers are given concerning the effects that the California budget cuts on education are having on the UC and CSU systems -- managing to give a sense of gravitas to the issue.

Admissions and enrollment has been a huge issue because of budget cuts and now, the consequences are shown in this website.

Will budget cuts cripple California colleges: Budget cuts in the economy forces many schools to respond by boosting fees, turning away numbers of students wanting to enroll, expanding class sizes, eliminating programs, and laying off staff members.

Budget cuts have been affecting college students rapidly, it also has been affecting K-12 students; this website will provide concrete information on statistics while true life information from people that have been affected by budget cuts.

The website focuses on K-14, which is a little bit after high school and it’s goal is to clarify complex educations issues such as funding and academic standards.

In “California Budget Crisis Diaries: Takes on higher education cuts”, the article describes how and why the UC schools are hiking up the fees by 32% and how students and parents are handling this situation.

This website provides the information about how the state funding has dramatically dropped and some of the effects because of it.

This article discusses the effects of the budget cuts on enrollment acceptances at UC campuses.

The resource addresses the state budget and the reduction of $322,000,000 from the UC system as well as the impact of student enrollments, student fees and individual programs.

This site explains a lot about budget cuts for the K-12 system, and how it is affecting the public schools in California.

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