Extra Credit Assignment #2

Due via e-mail before Wednesday, October 13

One to two pages, up to 20 points

This assignment has two parts.

Part 1: Visit Tent City in the Main Quad

Have a conversation with one of the campers and mention that you're doing extra credit for a class. Ask why there is a tent city in the middle of De Anza.

Part 2: Describe your experience and e-mail a written response to me.

Maybe tell a story, or dwell on a particularly memorable image or other part of your experience. Answer the following questions in your response: Did you learn anything about the education budget cuts and the effects they are having at De Anza? Did you learn anything about how to get involved in fighting the budget cuts? Do you think you can do something to make education better and more accessible? Can I share your response with the organizers of Tent City?

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