Notes and References

September 22
"Making Guacamole" - Spoken Word

Etymology of "Asia" (Wikipedia)

Foothill-De Anza Demographics

Population Distribution by County

American Factfinder

1960 US Census

September 27

Interview of Kao Kalia Yang

Notes on Generational Differences

September 29

Documenting the Southeast Asian Refugee Experience

Physical Map of Southeast Asia

October 4

Wikipedia article on "Cultural Competence"

National Association of Social Workers standards for cultural competence

Notes on Culture

October 6

Notes on Why Public Education is a Public Good

October 11

Li-Young Lee reading; backup

Lynda Barry, "Writing to Remember"

Blue Scholars, "Commencement Day"

October 18

Map of regions where early Chinese immigrants and migrants to the US came from

From Sucheng Chan, Asian Americans: An Interpretive History. Boston: Twayne, 1991.

Li Bai (Li Po), "Seeing Meng Hao Ran Off At The Yellow Crane Tower"

Google Map of Angel Island

"Discovering Angel Island"

Notes on Angel Island poems

October 20

"Racial Profiling" article in Wikipedia

"How to tell a Chinese from a 'Jap'"

Episode of The View in which Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar walk out on Bill O'Reilly

October 25

Notes on America is in the Heart

Notes on respect for workers and bosses

October 27

SF State Third World Student Strike

"My Favorite Things" by John Coltrane

Karen Yamashita reading from I-Hotel

November 1

1965 Immigration Act

California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement

Concepts from the powerpoint slide:

  • "Good" and "Bad"
  • Model Minority
    • Arose in the late 1960s
    • College, professions, socioeconomic class
    • Apolitical, quiet, obedient, follows rules
  • Black/White Binary
  • Whiteness: The stereotype of white Americans
  • Identification: The process of seeing ourselves in images and concepts that govern our actions, feelings, values and beliefs.

November 15

Immigration from Korea to the US

From Bill Ong Hing, Making and Remaking Asian America Through Immigration Policy, 1850-1990. Stanford: Stanford, 1993.

Mainstream media portrayal of the 1992 LA Uprising

"Sa-I-Gu: From Korean Women's Perspectives"

Ishle Park, "Sa-I-Gu"

Wikipedia article on "back-story"

November 22

1970s US Refugee Legislation

"From Immigrants to Americans: Thirty Years of Vietnamese Immigration to the United States"

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December 1

Quiz 6 Results

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