Final Exam Review Sheet

Part I: Geography (20 points)

Be able to locate the following locations on an unlabeled map of Asia and Australia:



People's Republic of China


Hong Kong









Part II: Who are Asian Americans? (80 points)

One of the major themes of this class is that we all have back-stories that are not immediately apparent to people we encounter. This fact is sometimes forgotten with respect to Asian Americans since Asians and Asian Americans often are not included in the stories presented in the mainstream media and in educational institutions.

Be able to write a one-page letter describing Asian Americans. The letter will be addressed to your long-lost cousin in Arkansas (the site of two internment camps that held people of Japanese descent during World War II; now fewer than one percent of the residents of the counties that held these camps are Asian or Asian American). He or she is moving to Santa Clara County, and he or she heard that there are lots of Asians here. The letter that you received, though, is full of alarming stereotypes from television, movies and history books. Try to give your cousin a sense of who Asian Americans really are, and imagine you are introducing him or her to Asian Americans in Santa Clara County. Aim for realism.

You should spend some time imagining your long-lost cousin, and you are free to fill in details about him or her that do not conflict with the description above (for instance, age, gender, sexuality, socio-economic class, urban/suburban/rural, etc.). Your cousin might be mixed-ethnicity or mixed-race.

Here is some advice: Focus on what you know from experience. The sources for your description of Asian Americans should include your own observation and experience as well as data (for example, from the census), the presentations that your classmates have done, and the course texts. I would advise you to bring in an outline with the progression and the major points of your letter.

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