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Sherwin Mendoza Asian American Literature

Telling Your Story Part I

Presentations on Wednesday, October 13

Write-up due in class on Wednesday, October 20

One to Two Pages, Printed Out and Stapled

50 Points

This assignment will provide the basis for a presentation you will give the day of class just after the essay on The Latehomecomer is due.  You should have already started reading The Latehomecomer, in my opinion an exemplary example of someone telling her and her community's story, and you will have a chance to do something similar.  We will break up into groups of around four, and each of you will introduce yourselves and your communities in a five to ten-minute presentation to the other people in your group.  In weeks nine and ten you will each present to the whole class.

The written component will consist of two parts:

  1. A descriptive title that summarizes your life as you understand it and that gives a focus to your story.
  2. A narrative with at least one turning point.

Prior to writing you should take some time to reflect on your life.  You might brainstorm about the significant experiences in your life, your relationships with friends, family, and people outside of the groups you identify with, and your hopes and dreams for the future.  It might also be helpful for you to speak with people you have shared experiences with (something that Yang did as she recorded the stories of her grandmother).

There is some overlap between this assignment and the essay on The Latehomecomer, but a major difference is in the audience.  The essay on The Latehomecomer is for an academic audience; for this assignment, your classmates are the audience.  Furthermore, the essay on The Latehomecomer is an example of formal, written work; this assignment is much less formal and is geared towards oral presentation.

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