EWRT1A Essay 1

Due Friday, October 12

200 Points (100 points for final draft, 20 points for outline, 80 points for rough draft and workshopping)

4-6 Pages, Double-Spaced, Stapled

For this assignment you will write a personal essay in which you describe your educational experiences up to the present. A significant part of your essay should consist of narrative, in which you describe with concrete detail your educational experiences. In particular, you should describe the kinds of struggles you have experienced with regard to education.

You should frame your essay with general remarks about your attitude towards education. What counts as education? What is the importance of education for you, your family, and your communities? What are ways in which education could be improved?

I will evaluate your essay with the standard rubric for EWRT 1A at De Anza College, which will be posted on the course web site.

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